Strange ships from the sky land in Arizona, Scotland, along the Yangtze, Honshu, Bavaria, Champagne, Campania, Siberia, Brazil, and Ethiopia.


A ship flies over Washington. Panic ensues for 3 days, but order is quickly restored.


The same occurs in London. This time, there are riots and police action is needed.


A Global Investigation Bureau is set up to investigate these sightings. A man named John Wilkins from Kentucky is appointed as the chief detective.


In an explosion in an oil refinery in Texas, the fire brigade report seeing 5 strange emaciated beings in the middle of the blaze. They were later forced to sign the Official Secrets Act by the U.S Government.


U.S Pentagon officials receive a strange message from the radio simply saying "We have come back". The U.S public also hears, and there are riots, as the public believes that the government are covering up aliens.


Herbert Hoover is assassinated by a gunman, Larry H. Jones, who believed his brother was killed by aliens in Arizona. John Wilkins, the head of the GUFOIB (Global Unidentified Flying Object Investigation Bureau) runs and wins on the ticket of dealing with the aliens.

John Wilkins


Hitler is allegedly abducted by aliens. He returns a raving lunatic, and is put in an asylum in Hamburg. Himmler becomes the head of the Nazi Party. Stalin is also found dead with strange green marks on his neck. General Chuikov succeeds as leader of the Soviet Union. He begins an atomic bomb project to combat aliens.


The outbreak of the Second World War. Wilkins, who has been re-elected twice, decides not to enter the war. He makes a treaty with Japan, whereby the U.S will supply them in exchange for neutrality.


Wlikins signs an alliance pact with Japan.

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