Alternative History

The elections in the House and Senate occurred at the same time as the 1916 American Presidential Elections(PUSA). Some Historians consider this along with the Presidential elections in 1916 the last chance for the Republicans and Progressive reunification. It did not occur and the split deepened even further. In addition some more Liberal members of the Democratic Party began to leave and join the Progressives.

House of Representatives[]

Party Total Seats Change From 1912
Democratic 190 -40
Republican 190 +4
Progressive 52 +36
Prohibiton 1 +0
Independent 2 +0

The Senate[]

Party Total Seats Change From 1912
Democratic 42 -13
Republican 42 +5
Progressive 13 +8


Despite Wilson's win and holding on to the White House the Democrats suffered major defeats in the House and Senate. The Progressives now had a more powerful position in both the Senate and the House. The Republicans and Democrats where neck and neck and the Progressives could effectively decide on many laws.

This strong showing on the part of the Progressives encouraged the party and held them together until the next Congress elections in 1918.