1927 Russian Legislative election
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October 5, 1917 (1917-10-05)

All 509 seats to the Imperial Duma
255 seats needed for a majority
Turnout 78.4 perecen
  First party Second party
  Pavel Milyukov 1 Guchkov
Leader Pavel Milyukov Alexander Guchkov
Party Template:Cadet/meta/shortname Template:Union of October 17/meta/shortname
Last election 59 seats, 40.7 percent 98 seats, 31.7 percent
Seats before 59 98
Seats won 259 130
Seat change +200 +35
Popular vote 32,234,456 12,257,654

Prime Minister before election

Pavel Milyukov

Elected Prime Minister

Pavel Milyukov

Parliamentary elections were held in the Russian Empire in October 1927. They were the first free election in Russia since 1917 and thee first to be held after the adoption of the 1926 Russian constitution.The Cadet party emerged as the winners of the elections,winning 259 seats in the imperial Duma.This gave them a very small majority.

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Party Seats +/–
Union of October 17130+35
Russian Social Democratic Labour Party39+39
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