March on paris
800px-Place de la Concorde 7 fC3A9vrier 1934
Date 28–29 February 1929
Location Paris, France
Result Action Française coup d'état, Antoine Schwerer forms a new government,Bourboun dynasty restored.
Flag of France France Action Française
Commanders and leaders
Antoine Schwerer Édouard Daladier

The March on Paris was an organized mass demonstration in february 1929, which resulted in Antoine Schwerer´s Action Française ascending to power in France. In late february 1929, party leaders planned a insurrection to take place on the 28th february and storm the natinal parliament.When fascist troops entered the city,they quickly took control of all state media,stormed the parliament and arrested Prime minister Edouard Daladier,which they then forced to hold a speech in which he appointed Antoine Schwerer as the new prime minister.


in 1905 Charles maurress founded Action Française and in the 1926 legislative election the party won 45 seats and become a serius threat to the fragile republic. Then prime minister André Tardieu nonetheless saw the left wing parties as a bigger threat. When the 1928 Paris general strike began,the party responded by violently crushing it.

The march on Paris

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