Point of divergence-1945

It was toward the end of WWII that Hitler in OTL committed suicide, but in this timeline, he didn't commit suicide, and went on to conquer all of Europe - then the world.

Ruins. With much of Germany destroyed, too little hope was left for the Nazis, but Hitler had a backup. He had an army of over one million in reserve in case something were to go wrong. On July 12th, he sent out his army to kill all the allied forces that caused him and the Nazis so much pain. The US took notice of this, and thought of sending over bombers to drop nuclear bombs, but because Germany had better technology then they did before. Hitler first decided to send around 10,000 bombers to destroy many of the Allied factories, air bases and even cities. The US had had enough. On August 1st, 1946 the US launched a full-scale land, air and sea invasion of Germany. But the Nazis eventually overpowered the US army. Things went for the worst. On August 22nd, Hitler sent a spy to assassinate the US president. The vice president, who in this ATL was a former German scientist named Maxis Van Wunder, vowed to get revenge. The US presidential cabinet got together to discuss ways to stop the Nazis, but by then it was too late. Nuclear bombs were dropped on Washington DC and several hundred other cities on US soil. The Nazis had won. They went on to conquer every continent and "Germanize" everyone who was still alive. It would not be until 2020 when the Nazis would be overthrown.

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