1945 – Rise of the Werewolf
Wolfsangel 1

In this timeline, Heinrich Himmler begins to lose faith in the German war effort earlier than he did in OTL. Preparations are made for an insurgency campaign when the allies would be expected to occupy Europe, along with guerrilla training being given to formations of the Waffen SS and certain groups within the Heer. Also, elements of the foreign SS divisions were dissolved back into their homelands, to await further orders after the predicted fall of the Third Reich. However, Heinrich Himmler was eventually captured by British forces, and subsequently committed suicide before they could begin his interrogation. Therefore, responsibility fell upon Joachim Peiper to lead the insurgency. Despite strong measures imposed by the Allied Occupation forces in both Germany and Austria, the “Werewolf” insurgency thrived, slowly retaking control the German homeland.

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