Alternative History

When British Prime Minister Anthony Eden, and French president René Coty refuse Canadian Ambassador Lester B. Pearson's request to withdraw form Egypt, the Soviet Union decides to intervene on behalf of Egypt. World War Three begins and Earth's history is changed forever.

Time line[]


In light of the holocaust of World War 2 the British mandate of Palestine becomes a new Jewish nation called Israel. The native Palestinians where not happy seeing Israel gain independence something they have wanted for long time. several conflicts are sparked between Israel and there allies against the remaining Palestinians and their allied Arab nations as well.


October 29: Due to Egypt supporting military wise to Sudan, causes Britain and Israel to invade Egypts Suez Canal, and embargo trade through the area.

October 30: France joins and parachutes into Suez to support Britain and Israel.


April 24 (POD): The Soviets, angry that they cannot get shipping through the Suez Canal, threaten to invade on behalf Egypt. Lester B. Pearson's negotiation attempts with France and Britain fail, Britain and France increase trade restrictions through the Suez Canal.

March 1: The Soviets, finally fed up with the trade restrictions, invade Suez with full military force on behalf of Egypt.

March 3: Soviet and Egyptian forces meet with the British, French and Israeli armies at the Egypt-Israeli border. Both forces gave each other 3 hour ultimatums warning each other to leave the middle east or face war. The British forces, finally fed up with the negotiations, open fire on the Soviets. The Soviets return fire, causing a fight the only lasted an hour but resulted the deaths of 300,000 people.

March 5: Reaction to the standoff becomes global, the Allied Powers are reformed, the Arab Union joins the Warsaw pact and forms the Warsaw Powers. Saudi Arabia stays neutral, as they saw the USSR as a rival oil power.

March 8: The invasion of the Warsaw Powers begins. Britain France, and the United States invade East Germany. The time for words is over. March 8, 1957 World War III begins.


A year has passed since WWIII began, nearly 880,000 soldiers are killed, over 900,000 civilians. So far its been a stalemate between the two military powers. No clear winner is found. The main events have been the never ending siege of Berlin which has been going on since the war began, the Anchorage front which is the Soviet invasion of Alaska, and the China joining the Warsaw powers.

  • However, the USA pushes the Soviets out of Alaska, but do not attempt an invasion through the Bering Strait due to freezing temperatures.
  • Berlin continues to stand, with airlifts of food coming to the West Berliners.

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