On April 10, 1963, Communist radical Lee H. Oswald is captured by residents of the neighborhood that former Army General Edwain Walker lives in Dallas, after firing a shot through Walker's window which shoots the right-wing military man, mortally wounding him. Residents and nearby church-goers spot Oswald trying to flee the scene, run him down, and hold him (with some bruises delivered by Walker friends and supporters) until the police arrive.

Oswald is convicted of the killing three months later and sentenced to life in prison.

President John F. Kennedy tours Dallas on November, 22-23, 1963. He rides through downtown and past Dealey Plaza with Texas Governor John Connolly and their respective wives, greeted by roadside well-wishers. He concludes the visit and Gallup shows a slight uptick in his polls in Texas afterward.

Timeline: No Dallas

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