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This timeline explores world history after Doomsday - September 26th, 1983.

A worldwide nuclear exchange caused by a minor incident obliterates much of human civilization, leaving only a few survivors. This ATL covers everything from the direct aftermath up to the present worldwide situation.

This is a "live" timeline, which means that its story continues to unfold NOW, in real-time. See the Live Content section for the latest news and updates.

This is also a collaborative timeline, produced by a team of contributors. If you want to join us in developing this world, we warmly welcome your additions.

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The 1983: Doomsday World

The Point of Divergence of the 1983: Doomsday timeline is September 19th, 1983, on which a seemingly unimportant decision to send an ambitious Soviet colonel to a training seminar, taking the place of an indisposed colleague, has global implications.

This decision leads to a different outcome of a well-known, though often underestimated event that took place on September 26, 1983.

In our timeline, Colonel Stanislav Petrov was the watch officer on duty that day at the Serpukhov-15 bunker near Moscow, monitoring for a US missile attack on the Soviet Union.

Suddenly, the computer-based warning systems reported several US nuclear missiles approaching Soviet territory. In our timeline, Colonel Petrov believed the information to be false and did not alert the Kremlin to the data he was receiving. Given Cold War tensions at the time, such information would likely have convinced the Soviets that the US had launched a first strike in an attempt to "cut off the head," and they would have been forced to launch their nuclear weapons in the false belief that it was a counter strike.

Consequently, since in our timeline the world now knows about this event, it is now often considered to have been the moment closest to a nuclear war between the USSR and the USA during the Cold War. Colonel Petrov has been honored as one of the few true "world saviors," and several investigations have proven the great seriousness of this highly dangerous event.

This timeline explores the results after Colonel Petrov was sent to another installation before September 26, 1983. The officer now on duty on September 26th considers the alert to be accurate and immediately contacts his superiors. Within minutes, the leaders decide to launch the whole Soviet nuclear arsenal. Logically, the Americans react by launching theirs as well. By the time the first alerted missile was proven to be a false alarm, it was too late. Thousands of nuclear warheads subsequently detonate over targets worldwide. Surprisingly, the People's Republic of China was attacked by Soviet nuclear missiles as well, and part of their arsenal was launched in response at the USSR.

The results of this total nuclear exchange are close to the forecasts of almost complete worldwide destruction and the "nuclear holocaust" as predicted by many scientists of the time. This results in as many as a billion people killed initially, and another billion in the subsequent environmental disaster that followed shortly thereafter.

With the world largely devastated, and most of the Northern and parts of the Southern Hemisphere in ruins, the estimated 800 million survivors in these areas desperately try to keep together what is left of human society. They would face challenges that were seemingly impossible.

After an incredibly horrifying first few years post-Doomsday, a handful of regions, territories, and countries stabilize and master basic problems such as food and medical supplies. As time passes and the recovery continues, new (sometimes surprising) alliances are formed. A new, fragile world order emerges from the ashes. Initial hopes of some survivors for a united mankind (or at least warfare and destruction being ended forever) quickly prove false. Indeed, the world is light-years away from any Utopian imaginations. Famine, disease, and lack of resources provoke conflicts and wars in large parts of the world, thus devastating all the carefully achieved recovery.

As some surviving and newly formed nations (particularly a unified Commonwealth of Australia and New Zealand and a South American Confederation) prove able to master the problems and even intervene internationally, mankind's extinction finally seems to have been avoided.

Now, 39 years after the devastating "Doomsday" event brought mankind to the edge of total extinction, a few bright moments have spread the hope for a more peaceful future for mankind, such as the foundation of the new "League of Nations" on September 26th, 2008.

The post-Doomsday world population in 2013 was 2 billion, which is about half of the 4.2 billion people that lived on Earth in 1983.

Nonetheless, new dangers to this fragile world have emerged all around the globe, threatening much of what has been achieved within the last 39 years...

WCRB NewsHour- World Headlines

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February 25, 2022 Confederation of Pennsylvanian States requests conference with Atlantic Defense Community leadership: Flag of Pennsylvania.svg 800px-Flag of Europe.svg.png Pottsville, Reading - President John E. Jones and Speaker Paul Kanjorski of the Confederation of Pennsylvanian States have requested to open up talks with Atlantic Defense Community officials regarding membership or an affiliation status between the CPS and the ADC. Jones and Kanjorski have offered to host talks in Pottsville or travel to Saint Johns, Canada. ADC officials in Ponta Delgado and Canadian officials in Saint Johns have not responded to the request for a meeting. Separately, officials from the Commonwealth of Susquehanna Department of Defense have submitted a request to the Nordic Union to procure fourteen RBS-70 MANPADS to replace the Blowpipe MANPADS and up to ninety Carl Gustav 8.4 cm anti-tank recoilless rifles to replace the existing inventory of Super Bazookas.

February 11, 2022 Woodbridge announces referendum on becoming a republic County Flag of Suffolk.png Prime Minster of Woodbridge, Christopher has announced that by the end of the year Woodbridge will hold a referendum on becoming a republic.

January 31, 2022: Minnesota admitted as the 15th state: US flag with 15 stars by Hellerick.svg Flag of Minnesota.svg TORRINGTON - The United States formally admitted its fifteenth state Monday. Minnesota enters the Union after six months of preparation since its bill of statehood was signed in July. The state is carved out of territory belonging to the State of Dakota but previously part of prewar Minnesota. The new state's Senators and Representatives were sworn into the federal Congress, while Paul Marquart, the former territorial governor and now Governor of the state, presided over enthusiastic celebrations in the capital of Moorhead. A new fifteen-star-flag was accordingly raised in the National Mall and in state capitals throughout the republic.

January 15, 2022: Tonga struck by tsunami following underwater volcano eruption:Flag of Tonga.svg NUKUʻALOFA, Tonga - A tsunami struck the island of Tongatapu and the capital of Nukuʻalofa after the underwater volcano of Hunga-Tonga-Hunga-Ha'apai volcano erupted approximately 65 km (40 miles) north of the capital. The city suffered flooding with waves between 83 cm (2.7 feet) and 1.2 meters (4 feet) being detected by gauges set up by the ANZC and League of Nations. The national government evacuated to 'Ohonua in the ʻEua District. The ANZC has begun mobilizing relief teams, security teams, and two Adelaide-class frigates to support the Tonga Armed Forces. The United States and Victoria have announced additional relief teams will be deployed to Samoa and Tonga. The HMVS Resurrection will head a small task force of American and Victorian civilian and military vessels carrying relief aid and emergency personnel. Tsunami warnings were sent off to Alaska, Hawaii, Japan, New Zealand, the North American Pacific coast. Astoria, California, Chumash, Japan, Jefferson, the United States, and Victoria all released tsunami warnings for the coastal regions and ordered civilians to higher grounds, though damage is expected to be minimal.

December 30, 2021: Trabzonian human rights group issues first publication in English:Trabzon 7.png Flag of Turkey.svg SAMSUN, Sultanate of Turkey - One of the most prominent Turkish-speaking human rights groups, the Kızgın Society, released its first English-language newsletter on Thursday. The Kızgın Society is an organization that focuses on combating political oppression in the Eastern Turkish Wasteland, a region in the Near East that includes three Turkish-speaking nations: the Empire of Trabzon, the Republic of Greater Patnos, and New Erzurum. It is staffed primarily by Trabzonian exiles in Samsun. Hatice Sula, current chair of the Kızgın Society, announced that this was part of a program to bring Trabzonian and Wasteland issues to the attention of the greater international community. Sula said that one day the Society hoped to release its reports and newsletters concurrently in Turkish, English, Arabic, Greek, and Russian, and expand its coverage elsewhere in the Turkic world.

November 2, 2021: Minnesota Territory elects government planned to lead the way to statehood: US flag with 14 stars by Hellerick.svg Flag of Minnesota.svg MOORHEAD, Minnesota - The Minnesota Territory conducted its first elections Tuesday, electing a governor, a slate of other executive officers, and members of the new Minnesota Legislature. A law making Minnesota the 15th state was signed in July, but its admission was delayed until the end of January to allow it to elect a government. Previously it was governed by officials named by Dakota, the state that Minnesota will formally separate from next year.

October 21, 2021: Panamanian Federation organizes new member state: Flag of Panama.svg SAN JOSÉ DE DAVID, Panama - The Congress of the Panamanian Federation approved the admission of a new member, the District of Tolé, in a session on Thursday. The local autonomous state was organized in land under the Federation's control that lies between its two largest members, the capital and the Republic of Azuero. Much of the remaining territory in that region was annexed to other nearby member states. Tolé is the first new member to be admitted to the federation since its re-foundation in 2013, and the first new state organized under the auspices of the federal government. Panama's foreign ministry issued a statement that Tolé is "a sign of our continuing success in rebuilding our nation." The Panamanian Federation governs most of the land between the Canal Zone and the Costa Rican border; Colombia has made efforts to occupy some of this territory.

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