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On September 26th, 1983 in a Moscow base, officer Stanislav Petrov noticed a single nuclear missile coming but dismissed it as a malfunction, but soon five missiles came, but was dismissed. This was the biggest scare to nuclear war since the Cuban Missile Crisis. But what if the second malfunction was real? What would happen after the "malfunction" and would the world be destroyed?

Our Timeline

In our timeline, the missile threat was due to a rare alignment of the clouds which gave a false appearance to a Soviet satellite that nukes were flying to Russia and that Petrov took it a malfunction, preventing World War 3 and saving humanity. But in this article, it will be about what if it wasn't a malfunction and it was real.

Alternate timeline


  • September 26th. At a Moscow nuclear base, an alarm goes off, alerting about 1 nuclear missiles approaching. Officer Stanislav Petrov takes as a false alarm since only 1 missile was launched and would seem unrealistic. But another alert goes off about 5 approaching, which Petrov claims is another false alarm. 10 minutes later Moscow, St Petersburg, Warsaw and other Eastern Bloc areas are nuked.
  • September 27th. After the devastation from the nukes, Soviet leaders meet and not only blame Petrov, who had died in the Moscow bombing for failing to notify his superiors about it, and then declare war on the U.S starting WW3
  • September 30th. Soviet nukes are launched from the unaffected areas, and most either a shot down, or just fail too work. leading to conventional warfare as the Soviets invade Western Europe.
  • August 1st. NATO forces counter as they nuke the invading forces, which stop their advance, but kills many civilians. But this causes a wall of radiation, effectively making an invasion impossible.
  • August 2nd. With Soviet forces unable to attack, NATO forces invade by going around the wall of radiation by traveling through the Pacific Ocean and invade Eastern Russia, catching the country off guard.
  • August 3rd. Soviet forces retaliate by asking China to fire nukes, but due to the Sino-Soviet split, China ends up aiding NATO and nukes important areas in Russia, effectively making the Russian Army useless.
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