1985: Goodbye, Kremlin!

Take this into account:
Say, in 1985, that the Moscow Kremlin was destroyed by an explosion and changed the way the rest of the Cold War played out. Here's an idea of what would have happened if it actually did happen, and the world as we know it was changed forever.

The Explosion

On March 13, 1985, shortly after Gorbachev's inauguration as leader of the Communists, the main heads of the USSR are meeting that evening for debate over whether to send in stealth bombers to aid Spetsnaz troops in the Panjshir offensives. However, a Turkish guerrilla anarchist society, calling themselves the K.M.B.O. (Komünizm ile Mücadele Birleşik Örgütü, or United Organization To Combat Communism.) The previous day, undercover members of the K.M.B.O. entered the building and wheeled in a large bomb, hidden in a laundry hamper, which contained 15 pounds of C-4, 15 pounds of Semtex, and 15 pounds of gelignite, with an pencil detonator. At precisely 9:05 pm, a mushroom cloud lit up the skies above Moscow. People ran through the streets as the explosion ripped through nine city blocks. Forty-five communist officials were killed; only two innocents died. Unfortunately, Gorbachev could not make the meeting, has his flight to Moscow from New Delhi had been delayed due to excessive wind. Among the deceased included Nikolai Tikhonov, Vasili Kuznetsov, and Andrei Gromyko.

The Aftermath

The USSR was devastated by this attack, and President Reagan made a speech a week later, saying,

"This was unnecessary is many ways. Even though, dare I say, these men are 'on our side', I understand the notion that no one human being deserves to die at the mercy of malice aforethought. There are more humane ways to deal with this conundrum, we don't want to risk a nuclear holocaust ravaging the world in retaliation for this completely unjust act of violence and slaughter."

Days later, on March 21, 1985, the K.M.B.O hijacked CNN's airwaves to nationally broadcast a speech from K.M.B.O's leader, Yiğit Koç. In his speech, he said:

"I personally think that this is something the CIA or black operations would have done, if you capitalist Americans had the guts to attempt this feat. Honestly, do you really think combatting the foul excrement that pollutes the ideals of this world is a bad thing? We never wanted to put innocent lives in danger, only rid the face of the earth of those vile, brain-sucking freaks of Nature."

Two months later, the USSR dissoluted, and gave rise to a bigger power.

In 1988, Mikhail Gorbachev announced the incarnation of the Perestroika-Glasnost Regime, a 'spiritual successor' to the USSR. This however, this didn't last long at all, and sooner or later the P-G.R was dropped, Gorbachev was extradited, and Russia became a free, libertarian country once again.

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