Israeli occupation forces

The second Lebanon-Israeli war begins much earlier and is even more of a victory for Lebanon. It soon leads to a massive victory with Lebanon, eager and a desire for revenge for the invasion and occupation of Southern Lebanon. An heroic revolutionary faction "the Islamic movement of Lebanon" launches a provoked attack against Israeli forces and ignites a regional conflict, which ends with Israel being humiliated and facing a full-scale Palestinian uprising.

Prelude to war

Immersed in civil war, Lebanon was a perfect target for Israel to invade, destroy and occupy. The Lebanese forces and PLO were able to put up a good fight. However, they were no match for Israel's far superior armies. And soon they were at the mercy of Israel. However, six years later a heroic revolutionary force was formed out of the ashes of the first war and was made up mostly of Palestinian refugees. It allies itself with the "Hezbollah" and seeks to see the destruction of Israel and the liberation of Palestine. The "IML" launches direct attacks on Israel occupation positions and kills several Israeli troops and also liberating small areas while clearing pockets of Israeli resistance. Israel officially declares an act of war.

Lebanese offensive

The Lebanese went straight into the offensive carrying raids into Israeli occupied areas, before the Israelis were able to respond to the attacks. The element of surprise was extremely effective and played a key role in the infliction of heavy casualties of the IDF. Lebanese forces began to lose ground to Israeli soldiers, however, not before killing a large number of them. Communications and other important needs were cut off through severe guerrilla attacks led by the IML and Hezbollah freedom fighters, causing Israel to re-think their tactics.


By now most of Southern Lebanon had been liberated and reinforcements from Israel were on their way, this would give time to the Lebanese army to plan out ideas and strategies. They raised troops and supplies, also built defences along the Israeli-Lebanese border. Israel planned to send two large divisions in the hope of getting through to Beirut and conquering Lebanon once and for all. However, the recent attacks made clear to Israel that the Lebanese had stepped up and were going on the offensive instead of always being on the defence.

Syrian army

Elements of the Syrian army stormed the borders and opened Anti-Tank firing against Israeli armour and pierced strong forces which were arriving from Israel. Israeli reinforcements began dwindling as heavy losses began pouring in. Smashing through Israeli defences Syrian troops engaged Israeli regiments and pushed them farther back into Israel. Israeli forces were now at a loss and failed continuously to hold the ground. Meanwhile Hezbollah-IML soldiers were fighting hand-to-hand combat successfully against IDF forces killing hundreds and leaving the wounded.

Last stand

The remaining IDF forces now attempted to hold the Lebanese and Syrian forces at An Naqura in order to prevent any possible invasion of Israel. The IDF, hoping to actually win, threw everything they had only to find that it made no effect as the Syrian-Lebanese force was greeted with a massive Jordanian army, which now outflanked the IDF force and slaughtered back into Israel.

Invasion of Israel

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