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1996 United States Presidential Election
November 5, 1996
Bob Dole, PCCWW photo portrait.JPG
Bill Clinton.jpg
Nominee Bob Dole Bill Clinton Ross Perot
Party Republican Democratic Reform
Home state Kansas Arkansas Texas
Running mate Jack Kemp Adlai Stevenson III Pat Buchanan
Electoral vote 296 195 57
States carried 27 + ME-01 14 + DC + NE-02 8
Popular vote 47,401,185 41,392,296 14,000,000
Percentage 49.2% 49.2% 8.4%
1996 Election (LBTP).png
Presidential results map. Red denotes states won by Dole/Kemp, Blue denotes states won by Clinton/Stevenson, and Purple denotes states won by Perot/Buchanan
President before election
George H. W. Bush
Elected President
Bob Dole

The 1996 Presidential Election was the 53rd quadrennial presidential election, held on November 5th, 1996.

Republican Candidate Bob Dole defeated Democratic Candidate Bill Clinton and Reform Candidate Ross Perot

Dole won the Electoral Vote with a EV Count of 286-195-57 and won the Popular Vote Margin with Dole having secured 47.4 Million Votes while Clinton secured 41.3 Million Votes and Perot secured 14 Million Votes.

1996 Republican Party ticket
Bob Dole Jack Kemp
for President for Vice President
Bob Dole potential US presidential photo 1.jpg JackKemp.jpg
Senator from Kansas



U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (1989–1997)

1996 Democratic Party ticket
Bill Clinton Adlai E. Stevenson III
for President for Vice President
Bill Clinton.jpg AdlaiIII.jpg
Governor from Arkansas


Senator from Illinois


1996 Reform Party ticket
Ross Perot Pat Buchanan
for President for Vice President
Ross Perot.jpg Pat Buchanan.jpg
President and CEO of

Perot Systems (1988–2009)

White House Director of Communications