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September 11th, 2001

September 11, 2001

The 2001 Anthrax threat never went as far as the government said it could have. This timeline diverges at the point of the first anthrax threat, and what may have happened afterward. It may possibly extend to modern days. Feel free to help this along.

Tuesday September 18th 2001: The beginning

A week after the September 11th terrorist attacks caused so much destruction for America, another threat was rumored to be true: Biological warfare. On Tuesday September 18th, these rumors came true. A mail sorter for ABC news came down with sudden cold symptoms after contact with a letter addressed to the studio. The man was dead within four days, and no one had any idea what caused it until it was too late. Before he was admitted to the hospital, the anthrax spores had come in contact with several other employees, and they came into contact with several higher level employees. Within two weeks there were 15 more deaths, due to unknown disease. Peter Jennings is the first major victim of the soon to be known "Silent death" in the north, " "Deadly cold" in the south, and "Snow White Death" in California. Jennings gave his last report on September 25th 2001. Charles Gibson was then promoted to lead reporter on Jennings former show. Peter Jennings died on September 30th 2001 from Anthrax poisoning. The doctor assumed his smoke damaged lungs increased the fatality of it. At this point, People were still unaware of the threat. The next letters were delivered to the New York Post, and to NBC news on September 25th. No less than 20 people were infected from this, and no one still had any idea what was causing this, all 20 were dead five days later, with the same symptoms. People were beginning to notice that something was happening, but were not sure what.

Monday October 1st 2001: Biological warfare increases, and the President speaks.

On Monday October 1st 2001, President George W. Bush delivered a speech from the oval office about the events.

"My fellow Americans, in the past month, this great country has been attacked by terrorists from the Middle East, in an attempt to break us. This has not happened. Since the attacks of September 11th, we have had soldiers in Afghanistan trying to capture terrorists, and bring them to justice. So far we have captured 100 terrorists, and at least five involved in the attacks. This nation is under attack again, by something called "Cold death, White Death and the like". This is not biological warfare, this is just the common cold. There is no truth to the rumors of death from it nor the fact it spreads like wildfire. Treat it like any cold and you will be fine.". 

The following day another letter was mailed to President Bush, but was caught before it reached the Oval Office. It was this intercepted letter that led to a breakthrough to what was causing the disease. President Bush was visibly shaken, but was fine when he found out.

After a week of relative calm, terrorists struck again in America. This time, it was a car bomb, and another deadly disease, which would not be found until it was too late.

Monday October 8th 2001: Terror in America, and more

On Monday October 8th, a car bomb was detonated outside of the US capitol building. Although it was a crude device, it still resulted in the deaths of 50 US senators, and severe damage to the U.S Capitol building costing "Hundred of millions" according to secretary of State Colin Powell. Within hours, Al Qaeda took credit for this attack, and Bin Laden released a tape saying "Surrender America Bush, or else it will crumble under you". It was later found that it was a homegrown terrorist instead. After this point, America was unnerved to say the least. In the following days, a benefit concert for New York City was finally organized, and was aired on all network channels. The performers included Bruce Springsteen opening the show, Paul McCartney, Tom Petty, and Neil Young. The biggest surprise though was that Guns and Roses reunited for one night only.

November 1st 2001: A culprit is found.

November 1st 2001 is the day that all Americans remember as one of the last good days before the end. On this day, The culprits for the September 11th attacks were found hiding in a cave in Afghanistan, and killed by soldiers after they were fired on. It was also the day where the mastermind behind the first wave of letters was found, but had committed suicide before capture. The following day though, another round of attacks happened in America, and in other Allied countries.

November 2nd 2001: Hell On Earth

On November 2nd 2001, the event come to be known as "Hell on Earth" happened. The day started off with a bomb placed outside of the Eiffel Tower in Paris France. It detonated at 12:00 NOON Paris time. It killed 200 people in the Paris metro area, and leveled two city blocks. It was later found that the bomb was placed in a car, and was driven there. The tower was destroyed, and pieces were found about a quarter of a mile away.

The other attacks were as follows:

  1. The CN tower in Canada was hit by a private plane, but survived the hit.
  2. A bomb detonated at Mile high stadium in Denver Colorado.
  3. Big Ben in London was destroyed when a bomb was detonated in London.
  4. The Sidney Opera House was severely damaged when a fire was started.
  5. The RENFE rail line in Spain was bombed as a high speed train went by. The bomb destroyed the tracks, and caused the train to derail between Madrid and Seville at speeds close to 150 mph.  

At the news of this, stocks in China, and the United States plummeted to the lowest levels since the 60's.

November 11th 2001 The President is down

On November 11th 2001, during a speech to veterans at the Vietnam wall, President George W. Bush was shot by a shooter in Washington DC. Vice President Dick Cheney was sworn in as President at 4:00 PM, because Bush was in a medically induced coma due to the severity of the bullet shot. It was later found out the shooter was a mentally unstable 22 year old man who had lost his house in the Denver Colorado bombing. President Bush was never able to take the presidency back after the attacks. President Cheney instituted martial law in Washington DC afterward, citing national security.

November 23rd 2001: The first riot begins.

Residents of Washington DC began to protest the occupation of Afghanistan at the White House on the morning of November 23rd.  Hundreds of people assembled, some for the occupation, other against, some just observing. No one knows what started the following riot, but suddenly after a peaceful protest, a gunshot rang out with a man bleeding in the street. Some survivors say it was a protestor, others say it was a police officer. Regardless, at the end of the protest, 60 people lay dead. Most were trampled, although some were stabbed. Four of the dead broke through the gates of the White House, and were rushing toward the Oval Office.  Police officers took blame for these deaths saying "They presented a threat, and we had to protect the president."  After this, American citizens were disgusted with the American government.

November 31st 2001: America diseased

On this date a new deadly virus is released in the capitol, killing hundreds of thousands within a week. President Cheney declares martial law for all of the United States of America, and instituting lock down of non-essential civilians before the disease could spread to the rest of America. The lock down worked halfway, wi

Map showing the states most affected by the disease

th the disease contained in Washington DC (Now known as Washington Disease), and only spread south to Kentucky.  Overall ten million people were killed from this disease, and the nation was further destabilized. The capitol of the USA is moved to New York City, for the first time since 1777. Another riot takes place in the city of Harrisburg PA. followed by a riot in Queens NY. Both resulted in military deployment, and death of civilians. After this, Texas began to threaten to leave the United States of America.

January 1st 2002 The Republic of Texas, The Battle of Texas, and Mexico

On January 1st 2002, Governor Rick Perry declared that the state of Texas was seceding from the United States and taking the name of "The Republic Of Texas. They also declared all armed service equipment and personnel as property. In the following hours, the former states of New Mexico, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana declared their alliance to Texas. The initial response from the United states of America was not well received. President Cheney declared war on the nation unless they rejoined the union. President Cheney asked Congress for the declaration of war: They denied the request, but Cheney had the national guard invade Texas and try to assassinate president Perry. This action was frowned upon by every member of congress, and called for the impeachment of Cheney. Cheney became the first President in the 21st century to be impeached and thrown out of office. Vice President Ted Kennedy became the nation's 45th president. Kennedy allowed the nation of Texas to be formed, and offered political backing and friendship to president Perry. TRT (The Republic of Texas) accepted it, and the USA became the first ally of this new nation. On The 19th of January, Mexico demanded that the USA sever ties with TRT, and let Mexico take back their land.

February 1st 2002: The California Collective is born, and the Mexican army invades

Following their neighbor, California declared their intent to leave the USA, and due to serious events in the remaining portions of the United States, were allowed to. The current USA was struggling to keep a positive economy, and the constant terror threats was not helping.  In the span of a month, Al Qaeda threatened.

  1. The New York Subway system with a "Dirty Bomb"
  2. The US Mint in Philadelphia
  3. JFK airport
  4. Mount Rushmore
  5. The city of Detroit

USA President Ted Kennedy had already issued martial law in California, Nevada and New Mexico. Those three states had had enough, and formed their own country, the California Collective. Clint Eastwood was declared Governor, and Harrison Ford was Governor in standing. President Kennedy was upset that this could happen under his rule, and moved to invade California. The militant commanders refused to follow the orders, so Kennedy tried to have them assassinated as well as try to order them direct. After this, an unknown soldier shot and killed Ted Kennedy on February 12th 2002, while in the Texas capital of Dallas. Many said the "Kennedy curse" had caused this. Ron Paul was elected to be president of the United States after this tragic event.

Mexico invaded the Republic of Texas while this happened, and captured the city of Laredo, declaring it Mexican property. President Ron Paul was furious, and declared that Mexico would not invade American allies. The resulting war would last for two years. See The Republic of Texas page for more information.

February 18th 2002, America Shrinks, Southern California sinks, and the birth of the Northwestern states

February 18th 2002, had multiple events happen. The day started with Oregon and Washington merging into one state called the Northwestern States with Pearl Jam singer Eddie Vedder appointed President-Governor, and local politician James Kant being his vice president. The news was focused on this, until 'The Big One' happened in Southern California. The earthquake was worse than the 1906 quake, and actually ripped part of Southern California away from the state, creating the state of "Atlantis", under the control of the California collective. Naturally, conspiracy theorists thought it was The Mexican army bombing, or the USA bombing - both of these turned out to be complete works of fiction. President Paul was quoted as saying "What a terrible, unbelievable tragedy in the California collective. Our prayers go out to you, and we will provide help however needed". Amtrak service was also expanded during this time, citing the fact that gasoline prices were starting to creep past the two-dollar mark, and people were starting to not travel as much as before. A moment of silence was held in Kanapolis NC, Daytona Beach FL, and all the other NASCAR tracks, to honor fallen NASCAR driver, Dale Earnhardt Sr, on the one year anniversary of his death in the 2001 Daytona 500.

February 28th 2002, Terror, Gasoline and Amtrak

On February 28th 2002, terrorists successfully bombed an Amtrak train in Grand Junction, Colorado. The resulting blast killed over 100 people, and injured others. They planted a bomb on a bridge, and the train drove straight into the valley, due to the fact it could not stop in time. The terrorists did not win though. It was a group of four, and two were killed when they didn't get off the bridge before it blew. One was burned over 60% of his body, and the other one was found a few days later, and attempted a shootout with FBI officials before he was brought down with a slug to his shoulder. He was interrogated, and later passed away from his injuries during surgery. This most recent attack sent gas prices reeling, reach an all time high of three dollars a gallon for the USA, but was still $1.50 for the Republic of Texas. Needless to say, riots occurred in New York City outside of City hall, the new capital of the USA. At this point, Hawaii was declared excess US soil, and was basically left on its own. Thus Hawaii became a nation again.  President Ron Paul spoke about the gasoline shortage saying "This too will pass". The 2002 Super Bowl was played as normal, with The Pittsburgh Steelers winning their fifth Super Bowl over the Las Vegas Dice (Former Washington Redskins team). Ward Burton won the 2002 Daytona 500 the following week, and dedicated it to the Amtrak victims and survivors.

March 24th 2002: Springsteen speaks, The first gas rations hit, and other events

On this date, Rock legend Bruce Springsteen spoke at one of his concerts, questioning everything the current US Government had done to "this great country where I was born". The next day radio stations were banned from playing anything Bruce Springsteen had released before 1999. Listeners were so infuriated by this, they crashed the FCC's website with complaints. The FCC backed off their ban. The following days began the first gas rations since the 1970's, due to the fact that the US reserves were running low, and refused to start trade with the Republic of Texas. Gas prices spiked up to $2.99 a gallon in the course of a week, causing a stock market panic where the price of stock dropped by 20 points. Investors started to commit suicide, much like the 1920 stock market crash. The news covered these up, and tried to spin it to a positive.

April 1st  2002  - The April Fool's affair

On April 1st 2002, no less than ten US senators were caught with prostitutes paid for on the taxpayer dollar (unknowingly).  The ten senators were from New York, Idaho (with plenty of jokes made), Montana, Maine, Pennsylvania, and even Virginia.  These ten senators were then impeached, and replacements were appointed. A new political party was born out of this: The Freedom Party. The Freedom Party supported the impeached senators and vowed to get them re-elected. However, this party was dissolved four years later when it was found to be the cause of a domestic attack on the USS Constitution in Philadelphia Harbor.

May 1st 2002.  Mexico is divided, the bomb is dropped, and other events

On May 1st 2002, Mexico ceased to exist as a nation. The capital was hit with a riot, and was destroyed in the ensuring firefight between cops and protestors. The country then split into North Mexico and The People's Mexica.

On May 19th- President Ron Paul ordered the nation of Afghanistan to be hit by a nuclear weapon, after locating where 9/11 mastermind Osama Bin Laden was hiding. His bombing was hailed as a "Great end to terror", and dissolved Al Qaeda for decades, although homegrown terrorism still existed.

Amtrak reported another year of record profits, due to gas going to four dollars a gallon. NASCAR once again had to defend their use of gas.  The organization then decided to switch over to race blend diesel. 

August 2002.  The Big Easy Sinks

On August 28th 2002, the city of New Orleans was hit by an unprecedented Category 6 hurricane called "Deseree" that also hit the former US Gulf Coast region.  New Orleans levees were all breached and the entire city was flooded under five feet of standing water, making the NFL "Superdome" Stadium an island, which disaster struck as well.  Three days before impact, President of The Republic Of Texas, Rick Perry, ordered a mandatory evacuation of the city and the Gulf Coast. Amtrak was called in to offer a "refugee train" to take those in the path to safer grounds. The train left with no one on board, because no one boarded. When the hurricane passed, things "went to hell" in the Superdome. On September 1st 2002, something caused a gas line to ignite inside the dome.  The fire spread fast since there were no functioning fire suppressing systems. The stadium burned to the ground and killed an estimated 300 people, on top of the 500 killed along the gulf coast, bringing the total dead to 800. 

September 11th 2002 "Our Prayers are with The Republic of Texas", the Fundraiser, and the response

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