Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese president Hu Jintao meet during the league of independent federations summit in Havana,Cuba.

In the years leading up to what is now called the Third World War the people of the free world seemed nonchalant, going about their day to day business with little care about the events of the world constantly occurring around them. The capitalist victories of the Cold War and the economic prosperity that followed throughout the Western World drew peoples' minds away from the distant problems of other nations. Even after the September 11th terrorist attacks against the United States, and the Afghan War that followed, few could deny that the peoples of the free nations of the earth did not pay enough attention to the conflicts and struggles that their nations waged. After the initial invasion of Afghanistan, the insurgency that followed was nothing like the people of the West had seen since Vietnam. With the dawn of the Afghan insurgency new hope was found amongst the dictators, rogue states, and, of course, the Russian Federation, a nation still bitter from its defeat in the Cold War. It should not have come as a shock, then, when the all these groups of nations met in Havana Cuba to form the historic League of Independent Federations- an alliance of nations mostly hostile to the ideals of liberal democracy and willing to protect one another and expand their influence through use of force.

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