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Greek Legislative election, 2007
All 300 seats
September 16,2007
First party Second party Third party
Caramanlis.jpg Alexa Nanos Valaoritis
Leader Kóstas Alexándrou Karamanlís Alexa Papariga Nanos Valaoritis
Party New Democracy Communist Party of Greece Greek Ecologist Party
Last election 169 Seats 143 seats 0 Seats
Seats won 145 144 15
Seat change -16 +1 +15
Percentage 44.1% 42.9% 6.2%

Blue is New Democracy, Red is Communists and Green is Ecology Party
Prime Minister before election
Kóstas Alexándrou Karamanlís
New Democracy
Elected Prime Minister
Kóstas Alexándrou Karamanlís
New Democracy


The central issue of the day was not the economy (the Greek economy was fairing rather well) but that of domestic issues. Neo-Pagan's who since the 60s had been accounting for more and more of the population were now demanding rights to build temples and other rights. The New Democracy party wished to restrict these rights to the Neo-Pagans. This may be in part due to the power the Greek Orthodox Church exercises on it.

The Communist party had previously discounted the Neo-Pagans as "neo-barbarians" however the leadership saw the opportunity to gain votes and power by changing their stance to that of pro-Neo-Pagan worship rights. Moderate New Democrats where now confused as to whom they should vote for, they did not wish to restrict rights to Neo-Pagans but did not trust the Communist (at least a majority didn't).

The Greek Ecologist Party had gained considerable size and now was set up to win sets in the parliament. A good portion of the New Democratic moderates decided to vote for the Ecologists as it supported Neo-Pagan rights and they're was also a growing concern over global warming.


The overwhelming issue of the election was Neo-Paganism. Global warming fear was also present.