On January 20th 2009, President Obama announces to a shocked world during his inauguration address that he is suspending the activities of the Republican, Libertarian and Constitution parties, calling them, "Right-wing extremist organizations". He also announces he is declaring martial law across the nation and declares himself president for life. The members of Congress, the majority of whom attempt to impeach President Obama, are arrested by the FBI and executed within a matter of hours. Several states, counties and even cities declare their independence from the newly renamed PRA (People's Republic of America). Seeing an opportunity, during the next months several secessionist groups seize power in these newly independent republics. Rather than form a strong central nation, they are content to put aside their differences enough to fight their common enemy. However, in the North Star Republic, The Republic of New Afrika, and the Republic of Cascadia the conservative revolution has failed, and socialist groups take power during a week long state of anarchy. Rather than reabsorb these now cooperative nations, President Obama instead decides to keep them as satellite states, much like the Soviet Union did with Russia's rebellious Eastern European possessions. Meanwhile, across the world, revolutionary groups step up their actions, now that NATO and others are powerless. Most countries, not wanting to be taken over completely by the revolutionaries, give in to their demands and/or form unions with other countries. There is no longer a single world superpower, and fighting rages across every continent. Who will win in a world engulfed by the fire of war?

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