In this timeline Congress says that unemployment benefits last only for nine months. This results in much of the population unemployed as they can not find jobs in time. Meanwhile, former US Army Sergeant Jack Winsor, believing the War on Terrorism is the cause of the decline in the USA begins attacks against the US Government with his former squad. His call sign, "Foxtrot 4-1" in the military led to his organization being called the Red Fox Movement.



August 15: Congress passes the bill that says unemployment benefits last only nine months. This results in many people in America unemployed.

August 20: The Red Fox attempts to assassinate President George Bush. The attack fails and the US declares the Red Fox a terrorist organization.

September 3: Taking note of the public being outraged at Congress for passing the bill, the Red Fox hijacks a TV broadcasting system. They announce to America they are going to make America great again. They tell the public to raise arms against the Government and be part of a great moment of history. The Red Fox then escape the building as National Guard Units attack them.

September 5: An uprising occurs in Manhattan by local gangs and people angry at the Government. The Red Fox delivers weapons to the insurgents. The Red Fox members make their base in a local mall and begin a shootout with the Army.

September 8: The shootout at the mall ends as an F-15 bombs the mall. The Red Fox members escape to Brooklyn.

September 10: New York City is engaged in a battle between the US Army, National Guard, SWAT Team, and local police officers against the Red Fox. Local civilians are split between the US and Red Fox.

September 14: The Red Fox are forced North by the US. The US leads a manhunt against Jack Winsor.

September 19: Jack Winsor escapes patrols searching for him and reaches a safe house in western Massachusetts.

September 28: The Red Fox hijack a fire truck and attack Presidential Candidate Barack Obama's car while he was campaigning in Upstate New York. Because Obama was in a convoy the Red Fox attack the wrong car. The attack kills 4 people but on the bright side an operative was captured.

September 30: National Guard Units assault a building in Boston where Jack Winsor is believe to be located. The attack kills many Red Fox members but Winsor escapes via helicopter.

November 1: Jack Winsor's helicopter is shot down near the Canada border. Army Units patrol the wreckage but Windor escapes to Canada.

November 3: Winsor's right hand man, Corporal Joseph Dune, launches an attack with Red Fox members to rescue Winsor from Canada. The attack is successful and Winsor escapes from Canada but the Canadians enter the war against the Red Fox.

November 7: In order to keep up funds for itself the Red Fox resorts to drug trade. This gives them support from the drug dealers in Mexico and Colombia.

November 12: With the extra money and supplies from drug dealers from Mexico and Colombia the Red Fox leads to a string of victories in northeastern US. The Red Fox set up there main base in Maine.

November 15: The Red Fox begins human trafficking of females and selling them to buyers in exchange for money. The Red Fox becomes notorious in the black market.

November 21: The CIA discovers the Red Fox base in Maine and launches a full scale attack. The Red Fox are forced to escape in boats. A Cuban fleet brings them to Cuba.

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