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Last of the V8 Interceptors
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This 1983: Doomsday article was formerly canon but made Obsolete following a Review. Other pages might still erroneously refer to the information here, but these references are outdated and no longer part of the Doomsday canon.

Realm of New Britain Election, 2009
December 25th 2009
Blank person Blank person Blank person
Nominee Charles York Matthew J Khulutatam Ablehbu Umskoo
Party British Imperial Party Labour Party Conservative Party
Home state Sunday's River Valley Camdeboo Blue Crane Route
Running mate Bernard Umgwabi Mbulelo Sogoni Paul Smith
Electoral vote 1,837,969 190,898 230,965
States carried 8 2 3
Popular vote 1,837,969 190,898 230,965
Percentage 75.35% 7.83% 9.47%
General election results map.
Prime Minister before election
Matthew J Khulutatam
Labour Party
Elected Prime Minister
Charles York
British Imperial Party


After the various debacles of the previous year the existing government began to collapse. Because of this King Andrew used his Royal Prerogative to call another general election. Also the NBBC began to gain greater independence from the government. With this greater independence, party political broadcasts were allowed for the first time since Doomsday, meaning that many lesser known parties came to the fore. The British Imperial Party is becoming increasingly loud in its criticism of the government and its 'pandering' to the League of Nations. It calls for a greater union in South Africa which many British voters concur with.

On Christmas Day the general election was called and the BIP rose to the top in a landslide, with a majority that now dominated Parliament. It remains to be seen whether their promises will be kept.