Alternative History
Cygnian federal election, 2012
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All 300 seats in the House of Representatives
151 required for a majority

43 of 86 seats in the Senate

2008 ←
1 December 2012 → 2016
First party Second party
Tony Abbott - 2010 crop.jpg Julia Gillard.jpg
Leader Tony Abbott Julia Gillard
Party National Labour
Home state New Albion Victoria
Leader's seat Warringah Lalor
Deputy Warren Truss Wayne Swan
Seats before 136 + 35 154 + 43
Seats after 153 + 38 130 + 30
Seat change 18 23
Popular vote 40,233,472 35,283,231
Percentage 43.32% 37.99%

Federal elections was held on Saturday, 1 December 2012 for members of the 57th Cygnian Congress. The centre-right National Party of Cygnia, under the leadership of Tony Abbott, defeated the incumbent centre-left Labour government led by Julia Gillard by a 23-seat two-party swing. Labour had been in government since January 2009. In this election, all 300 seats in the House of Representatives and 43 of the 86 seats in the Senate were contested.

The proclamation dissolving the House of Representatives and formally beginning the election cycle had been issued by President Quentin Bryce on 2 November 2012. The writs of election were subsequently issued by the President for the election of members of the House of Representatives and by the State Governors for the senators from each state.

More than 90 million Cygnians were enrolled to vote at the time of the election. Cygnia has compulsory voting (since 1855) and uses preferential ballot in single-member seats for the House of Representatives and single transferable vote with optional group voting tickets in the proportionally represented Senate. The election was conducted by the Cygnian Electoral Commission (CEC).

A special half-Senate election was conducted on 5 April 2013 in Carolina as a result of 1,375 lost ballot papers.