Turner Party

A political author and political television host Jonathan Turner had developed radical ideas which he expressed to millions. He majored in political science and also got a degree in business, then he went to law school and became a lawyer for 2 years. At age 37, he wrote his first major book named The Recession and Economy: How to Get Out of it. This book was a bestseller and was used by the government. He continued to write books and express his political beliefs. At age 39, in 2010, he announced that he would run for president in a new political party of his ideas. This party votes for their beliefs and is bi Partisan. Originally, 10 states put him on the ballot and 13 considered him an official write in candidate. However, by August 2011, 21 states put him on the ballot and the rest held official write in status. The Turner Party had other candidates, though, and they held primaries in the 23 states who originally recognized the party. Turner won 16 of the states, 4 were won by Garrett Ebner, and 3 by Julio Lucas. This party was focused in the mid-west, especially Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Nebraska, and Kentucky.

Early Candidates


Incumbent Barack Obama

Home State: Illinois (Hawaii)

Place within Party: Party Nominee

Running Mate: Joe Biden

Governor Martin O'Malley

Home State: Maryland

Place Within Party: 2nd

Running Mate: None

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa

Home State: California

Place within Party: 3rd

Running Mate: None


Senator Marco Rubio

Home State: Florida

Place Within Party: Party Nominee

Running Mate: Bob McDonnell

Governor Bobby Jindal

Home State: Louisiana

Place in Party: 2nd (after close loss in Ohio)

Running Mate: None

Former Governor Mitt Romney

Home State: Massachusetts (Michigan)

Place in Party: 3rd

Running Mate: None


Jonathan Turner

Home State: Iowa

Place in Party: Party Nominee

Running Mate: Julio Lucas

State Senator Garrett Ebner

Home State: North Dakota

Place in Party: 2nd

Running Mate: None

State Secretary of Defense Julio Lucas

Home State: Indiana

Place in Party: 3rd

Running Mate: None, Became Turner Party VP Candidate


  • Democratic Convention: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Republican Covention: Jacksonville, Florida
  • Turner Convention: St. Paul, Minnesota

Election: November 6

In the Election, most went as planned. What didn't go as planned is that the Turner Party received 17% of the vote, and 64 electoral votes. The Republicans had a plurality but not a majority, leading 241-233-64. The House of Representatives could not decide either whether or not Marco Rubio would be President. So they decided to let true populatory vote decide the president. It was already late November, and Obama had messed up in dealing with Hurricane Sandy, losing voters in New York, Connecticut, New Jesey, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, North Carolina, and Virginia. These Votes transfered to the Turner Party. Also, a scandal arose in which Vice Presidential candidate Bob McDonnell accidentally shot a man in the leg, who happened to be a large fighter for anti-abortion laws. This lost much support from republicans, who decided not to vote. So, after all of the buildup, on December 1st, 2012, the people voted 36% Turner, 34% Democratic, and 30% Republican, allowing Jonathan Turner become the president.

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