In 2013, the Global Economy Collapsed. What happened next was anarchy. In the streets of the former US, everyday citizens turned into looters. In Europe, it was worse. Belgium was the worst case. Salafist militants affiliated with the Islamic State launched blitzkriegs, now not stopped by the United States. In China, local warlords took power and Tibet declared independence. Cuba, a self sufficient nation, formed an alliance with Iran and North Korea, to form "The Hegemony of Survival". 

The Siege of Brussels 

In Belgium, remnants of the Military made their stand against the Islamic State. Local police joined the stand, and many workers soon turned into warriors. A force of about 10,000 militants besieged the city, defended by about 15,000 Soldiers. That seems like it would be easy to defend, but the problem was supplies had been cut off, and the Islamic State had tactical chemical weapons. At first the Islamic State cut right into the city due to their chemical weapons, but then the defenders launched a brave counter attack and managed to take back 80 percent of the city. They attempted to push further, but the Islamic State was entrenched in the remaining parts of the city, and they lacked airpower. Thankfully, the cuban air force intervened, and the Islamic State was pushed out of the city. It was later discovered that about 70 percent of the militants had been transported from Syria, many disguised as refugees. 

Texas Declares Independence

With much of the United States in anarchy and much ruled by warlords, Texas had no choice but to become an independent state. The Republic of Texas was declared. 

Super Villans in the United States?

During the years following the collapse, many warlords were able to capture some nuclear weapons, and with their private armies aimed to take newly independent city states. The city-state of New York city looked to be a great target for Bael, a self declared super villain. He did not intend to use his nuke on the city, but rather to claim the city as his capital of a great Satanist State. The city state lacked a proper military force, and the city was poorly lighted up, as it was experiencing poverty. In the worlds of Bael, he intended to "Restore this once great city into it's former glory, and put it onto the law of Satan". He, and his well equipped militia entered the city without much resistance, then he prepared to siege much more of the east coast. He also planned to build large walls to stop flooding from reaching the city, as he was well aware of the effects of global warming. 

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