Alternative History
2015 Russian Sukhoi Su-24 shootdown
Part of Syrian Civil War, Global War on Terrorism, Military Intervention Against ISIL
Sukhoi Su-24 shootdown Syrian-Turkey border.svg.png
Map showing the claimed flightpath of the jet by both sides.
Date November 24, 2015
Location Syria–Turkey border
Result Tensions in Turkey-Russia relations.
Flag of Turkey.svg Turkey

Syrian Turkmen Brigade

CSAR attack:
Flag of Syria 2011, observed.svg Free Syrian Army
al-Nursa Front (alleged)

Flag of Russia.svg Russia
Turkish Air Force
  • 1 F-16 Fighter Jet

Syrian Turkmen Brigade

  • Unknown amount of fighters

CSAR Attack:
Free Syrian Army

  • 1st Coastal Brigade

al-Nursa Front

  • Unknown
Russian Air Force
  • 1 Su-24 Fighter Jet

CSAR Operations:
Russian Navy

  • 2 Mi-8AM Helicopters
  • Unknown number of Naval Infantry troops
Casualties and losses
1 Su-24 shot down

1 Mi-8AM made emergency landing and destroyed by FSA TOW missile
2 dead (1 pilot, 1 naval infantry soldier)

A Turkish Air Force F-16 fighter jet shot down a Russian Sukhoi Su-24M bomber aircraft near the Syria–Turkey border on 24 November 2015. While Turkey claims that the aircraft, of unknown origin, significantly flew within its airspace, Russia claims that it never left Syria, where it had permission. Despite this, the U.S. State Department confirmed that the aircraft violated Turkish airspace.

While at first Putin started to ramp up tensions between Russia and Turkey just a few days prior, Putin instead traveled to Erbil, where, meeting with Syrian, Iraqi, Iranian and Kurdish leaders, the path toward an independent Kurdistan was paved. While foreign views were positive of this, it has been seen that this was, indeed, a route to undermine Turkey's internal stability.