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Scottish Assembly Elections, 2016
All 127 seats in the Scottish Assembly
65 seats needed for a majority
20th March 2016
Turnout 85%
First party Second party Third party
Alex Salmond (crop) SSY scottish socialist party Ssy scottish free democrats
Leader Alex Salmond Willie Rennie ==
Party SNP Scottish Socialists Scottish Socialists
Leader's seat Aberdeenshire East Aberdeen South ==
Last election 69 seats 5 ==
Seats before 69 5 ==
Seats won 109 9 6
Seat change == == ==
Fourth party Fifth party 64px
Party Independents Scottish Green Party
Seats before 1
Seats won 4 1
Scottish Election Results 2011 SSY
Colours show the winning party in each seat.
Prime Minister before election
Alex Salmond (First Minister)

The 2016 Scottish Assembly Elections were held on the 20th of March 2016 to elect the 1st Independent Scottish Assembly. This was right in the aftermath of Scottish independence meaning that there was a high degree of nationalism. The election was a landslide victory for the SNP with them being the only major party in the race winning 123 of the 127 seats. 3 were won by independents and a further 3 won by Scottish Socialist Party. The Scottish Free Democrats, the Scottish Successor to the Conservatives, failed to secure any seats, though was not far off, and looks set to win some of the Southern Constituencies in Local Elections. This firmly secured Alex Salmon's position as Prime Minster of Scotland and Nicola Sturgeons as deputy. No one was in any doubt that the SNP would dominate Scottish politics for the next 4 years. Scottish Parliament 2016 (Scotland Says Yes)

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