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Should the Scottish Flag be Sky Blue?
Flag of Scotland.svg Flag of Scotland (traditional).svg
No Yes
Percentage 36.44% Percentage 63.56%
Voter Turnout 67%

The 2016 Scottish Flag Referendum was held on the 23rd June 2016 on the topic of Scotland's national flag. Up until the creation of the Union Flag in 1606, the Scottish Flag has used a lighter blue. However, the blue in the Union Flag was darkened, mainly to preserve the colouring at sea. As such, over time the darker blue came to be used in Scotland for flags, and became more and more widespread.


The Flag of Scotland has been in usage officialy since the 15th Century, and existed for centuries prior to that, using a 'Sky Blue' colouring. However, when the Flag of Scotland was incorporated into the Union Jack, the blue within said flag was darkened, so it would be more visible and wouldn't weather as quickly at sea. Over time, this darker blue began to be adopted into the Scottish Flag.

The Referendum

On the 17th September 2016, a Bill was passed by the Scottish Parliament introducing a Referendum on whether the Blue of the flag should be lightened. The "Yes" campaign claimed that it would help re-establish Scottish nationalism, and throw off the remaining British influences, whilst the "No" campaign argued it was unnessasary and would cost millions to replace flags and signs, indeed seen through Britain's own campaign.

However, the result ended with the Scottish Electorate chosing the Lighter Blue, with 63.56% of the vote against 36.44%