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Welcome to the portal page for the 2018: Doomsday Collaborative Timeline. This timeline explores a world history after Doomsday - January 13, 2018.

A worldwide nuclear exchange started by North Korea obliterates much of human civilization. This Alternate Timeline covers everything from the direct aftermath of that event up to the present day, from a global perspective.

This is also a collaborative timeline, produced by a team of contributors. If you want to join us in developing this world, we welcome your proposals.


The point of divergence of the 2018: Doomsday timeline is January 13, 2018, when a nuclear missile attack sets off alarms in Hawaii. In our timeline, it is proved to be false. But what if it was actually real? In 2018: Doomsday, the missile alarm is real and 28 nuclear missiles are launched towards the US from North Korea.  What follows becomes known as Doomsday, the series of events which follows the initial strikes by North Korea initiate a global conflagration that ends millions of lives, ruins once great nations, and plunged much of the world into the end of days. 

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