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Cygnian federal election, 2020
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All 301 seats in the House of Representatives
151 required for a majority

44 of 86 seats in the Senate

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5 December 2020 → 2024
First party Second party Third party
20201018 Albanese Council Flat (cropped).jpg Scott Morrison 2014 crop.jpg Adam Bandt portrait (2020).jpg
Leader Anthony Albanese Scott Morrison Adam Bandt
Party Labour National Greens
Home state New Albion New Albion Victoria
Leader since 1 August 2020 24 August 2018 4 February 2020
Leader's seat Grayndler Cook Melbourne
Deputy Richard Marles Josh Frydenberg Larissa Waters
Nick McKim
Last election 157 140 1
Seats before 157 138 1
Seats after 155 140 1
Seat change 2 2

Anthony Albanese

The 2020 Cygnian federal election was held on Saturday, 5 December 2020 to elect the 59th Cygnian Congress. All 301 seats in the House of Representatives and 44 of the 86 seats in the Senate were up for election.

The first-term incumbent Labour government, under incoming leader Anthony Albanese, won a second four-year term against the National opposition under Scott Morrison. Labour claimed a reduced four-seat majority in the House with 155 seats. The Nationals won four seats from its opponents; however, the loss of Warringah (previously held by former Chancellor Tony Abbott) to independent Zali Steggall, and the abolition of the Division of Wilmot, led to only a net gain of 2 in the Nationals' seat count. The Greens, Katter's National Party and Centre Alliance each successfully defended their single seats. The remaining three were won by independents, a net increase of one since the last election after Steggall's victory over Abbott. This election also marked the first time in Cygnian history that a retiring independent's seat has been won by another independent, with Cathy McGowan giving way to Helen Haines in Indi.

Labour is considered to have underperformed considerably at this election. Polling had placed Labour far ahead of the Nationals due to popular support for the government's response to the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as for its action on the environment. Nevertheless, Labour still emerged from this election with a solid majority, which marks the first time that a Labour government has successfully defended its majority in Congress and was re-elected since the 1992 federal election.


Divisions changing party

Seat Pre-2020 Swing Post-2020
Party Member Margin Margin Member Party
Bass, TA Labour Ross Hart 5.42 5.83 0.41 Bridget Archer National
Canterbury, AO Independent Julia Banks 2.91 −2.34 0.57 Gladys Liu National
Corangamite, VA National Sarah Henderson 0.03 1.04 1.07 Libby Coker Labour
Herbert, NZ Labour Cathy O'Toole 0.02 8.38 8.36 Phillip Thompson National
Indi, VA Independent Cathy McGowan 5.10 −4.13 1.39 Helen Haines Independent
Longman, NZ Labour Susan Lamb 0.79 4.07 3.28 Terry Young National
Warringah, NA National Tony Abbott 11.09 N/A 7.24 Zali Steggall Independent
Wentworth, NA Independent Kerryn Phelps 1.22 N/A 1.31 Dave Sharma National
Wilmot, TA National Eric Hutchinson 1.31 N/A Division abolished


The Cygnian Electoral Commission is required after each quinquennial census to determine the number of members to which each State and Territory is entitled. If the number in any state changes, a redistribution will be required in those states. A redistribution will be postponed if it would begin within one year of the expiration of the House of Representatives.

Census statistics for 2017 released by the Cygnian Bureau of Statistics on 18 June 2018 were used to calculate the determination. The population counts resulted in Carolina (27), New Hebrides (1) and Papua (26) gaining a seat, and Avon (12), Darwin (6), Tasmania (6) and Victoria (40) losing a seat each. The total number of members in the House was reduced from 302 to 301.

Opinion polling

State of electorates

Retiring members

Members of Congress and Senators who chose not to renominate for the upcoming election are as follows:





  • Cathy McGowan MC (Indi, VA) – announced retirement 14 January 2019
  • Senator Tim Storer (AV) – announced retirement 17 April 2019