Alternative History

The Entente has managed to keep the peace across the world, with there being no Cold War or nuclear fear with their efforts to return the genie to the bottle. By now, they were joined by Colombia, Britain, Eire, Germany, Poland, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Korea (no partition unlike OTL), and Japan.

Ron Paul did not run for a third term due to ill health, and John McCain became president of the United States.

September 11, 2001 attacks

It seemed like one's usual morning, but at 8:03(EST) , three planes were hijacked and hit the World Trade Centers and the Chrysler building, and in San Francisco, terrorists struck the Golden Gate bridge. At the same time, the Petrograd city center was hit by a dirty bomb. While, in Peking, the Temple of Heaven was hit by a hijacked Boeing 747 and in Paris, four bombs caused the Eiffel Tower to collapse.

War on Terror

Shortly after the terrorist attacks, outgoing Russian President Vladimir Putin and John McCain, along with Hu Jintao and Jacques Chirac, inaugurated the War on Terrorism, beginning with the invasion of Afghanistan, which has met with great success so far.

Present day

The world is in a very precarious position, and the world looks like it is heading for a Third World War, and the Entente will be tested to and beyond their limits...