Alternative History

Logo This alternate history related article is a stub. Please add suggestions on the talk page. The 24/10 Attacks were a series of terrorist attacks committed by El Salvadoran communists on the government of Honduras.

Lead-Up to the attacks[]

There had been a three-way civil war in El Salvador between Fascists, Communists and the moderate left wing government since 2002.

The Attacks[]

At 10:31, two German made A28 missiles were fired into Tegucigalpa from the forests of El Salvador. These hit the Honduran Capital and the stock exchange, leaving 5385 dead.


The actions of the terrorists garnered worldwide condemnation as the United States met with other FWA members in San Francisco to discuss the situation. A multinational force from Honduras, United States and Mexico was drawn up with the intent of ending the civil war.

Even Germany condemned the terrorist attacks as "suicidal and cowardly", and thus gave no support for either side.

Military Intervention[]

Operation Restore Order took place with the multinational force occupying Southern El Salvador within weeks. The Communists fell quickly, with the fascists now forced to fight a guerrilla war in the north. By the end of November, the government had largely restored order in the old Communist and Fascist provinces.