Welcome to the Main Page for 50 States of Freedom. A modern timeline based upon the events that take place after November 22nd 2016.

A bill is passed through congress shortly after the confirmation of Donald Trump's victory, that allows referendums to take place in any given state at any given time, with the option of seceding from the United States of America.


This is my first go at making an Alternate History. I have always liked the idea of America splitting up into several countries, which is where I got this idea. I selected the modern era, as a way for it to be updated close to daily, based upon the events that happen in this timeline.

However I am quite inexperienced at this so I value any help anyone can give this timeline. This is a community timeline, and I welcome any ideas, especially in this timeline's early phase.

I would also appreciate support from any Americans on this wiki. I am from Canada, and do not understand American politics completely, so if I make any mistakes to how the government system of America works, I would welcome corrections.

I hope that you enjoy reading this timeline, and helping it grow.



The 2016 presidential election has been regarded as one of, if not the most controversial in American political history. The result of the election was one where the popular vote did not win the election, an event that angered many people across the country.

This timeline investigates the possibility of the USA breaking up into it's individual states, due to political differences between the people and state governments, and the Republican party who were in control of the Federal government.

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20 January: Donald Trump is inaugurated as the 45th president of the USA

22 January: Without asking permission from the federal government, The California state government holds a referendum about seceding from the USA.

23 January: 65% of Californians vote to leave the United States. The Californian government triggers Obama’s law, and declares themselves a republic.

24 January: The US government refuses to accept the independence declaration.

25 - 30 January: The state governments of those with democratic ruling governments (at state level) hold referendums.

1 February: Following California’s lead, Connecticut, Delaware, New Jersey, Oregon, Rhode Island and Washington declare themselves Republics separate from the USA

2 February: Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Mexico and Vermont declare themselves Republics

3 February: The US government refuses to recognize any of the New countries, and threatens military invasion.

4 February: New York secedes from the country

5 February: An emergency summit is scheduled for the 7th of January for the United Nations on the current political climate in the United States of America.

6 February: Alaska, Colorado, Hawaii, Louisiana, Minnesota, Montana, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Virginia secede from the USA

7 February: At the meeting in New York the four other members of the Security Cancel, forbid the United States from using military action against the states. Russia and China immediately recognize the independence of all states, while the Uk, France and several other countries recognize California, but are hesitant to recognize most of the others.

8 February: Texas secedes from the USA. Independence movements gather speed in Florida and Ohio.

9 February: Donald Trump is impeached by his party, who elect Mike Pence as his replacement.

11 February: After being unable to convince the governments of the states that had declared independence Mike Pence declares the end of the USA. Ohio, North Dakota, Maine, New Hampshire and Florida declare independence.

12 February: The remaining 21 states gain de facto independence. The US is officially dissolved.

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