52nd Congress of the Union
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Federation Hall
Federation Hall
3 January 1993 – 1 November 1996
Senate President Kerry Sibraa (L) until 31 January 1994
Michael Beahan (L) from 1 February 1994
House Speaker Leo McLeay (L) until 8 February 1993
Stephen Martin (L) from 4 May 1993
Members 84 Senators
300 Representatives
House Majority Labour
1st: 3 January 1993 – 1 November 1996

The Fifty-Second Congress of the Union was a meeting of the legislative branch of the Government of Cygnia, composed of the Senate and the House of Representatives from 3 January 1993 to 1 November 1996, during the term of the Keating Government. The 1992 federal elections saw the Labour Party maintain its majority in the House of Representatives, allowing them to form government under incoming leader Paul Keating.

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