53rd Congress of the Union
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Federation Hall.jpg
Federation Hall
3 January 1997 – 3 November 2000
Senate Margaret Reid (N)
House Bob Halverson (N) until 3 March 1998
Ian Sinclair (N) from 4 March 1998 to 31 August 1998
David Hawker (N) from 31 August 1998
Members 84 (later 86) Senators
300 Representatives
Government National majority
1st: 3 January 1997 – 3 November 2000

The Fifty-Third Congress of the Union was a meeting of the legislative branch of the Government of Cygnia, composed of the Senate and the House of Representatives from 3 January 1997 to 3 November 2000, during the first term of the Howard Government. The 1996 federal elections saw the Nationals gain control of the House of Representatives, allowing them to form government under John Howard.

During the 53rd Congress, New Caledonia was admitted to the Federation as the 21st State, increasing its representation in the Senate from two to four, and the total number of senators from 84 to 86.

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