Harald Fairhair (The Kalmar Union)

Harald I Fairhair, King of Norway (872-930)

West Scandinavia - Harald Fairhair unites Norway at the battle of Hafrsfjord.

Many Norse leave for the Norse colonies in Ireland and Man rather than submit to Harald's rule.


Iceland - The first Norse settlements in Iceland are founded. The island attracts many settlers fleeing Norway and the increasingly fraught Irish colony.








Eirik Bloodaxe (The Kalmar Union)

Eirik I Bloodaxe, King of Norway (930-934)

West Scandinavia - On Harald's death Norway is inherited by Eirik. However many of his brothers continue to act as sub-kings including Olaf Geirstadalf in Vingulmark and Vestfold.

Haakon is currently in England at the court of King Aethelstan.

The North is split between the Earls of More and Lade.

934 (POD)

Olaf I Viken (The Kalmar Union)

Olaf I Geirstadalf, King of Viken (934-946)

West Scandinavia - After feuding with his brothers, Eirik Bloodaxe is defeated at the Battle of Haugar by Olaf and, with Haakon rapidly winning support in Hordaland thanks to the assistance of the Earl of Lade, he flees to Jorvik, consolidating his power there.
Haakon I Horda (The Kalmar Union)

Haakon I, King of Hordaland (934-961)

Haakon I takes the West (usually centred on and generally known as Hordaland), Olaf I takes the East (usually known as Viken) and the high king of Norway title.


Britannia - Eirik I Bloodaxe is killed by one of his own nobles in Jorvik.



Tryggve Viken (The Kalmar Union)

Tryggve Olafsson, King of Viken (946-963)

Viken - Olaf I dies. Tryggve Olafsson is crowned King of Viken (and High King of Norway).



East Francia - Otto I defeats the Hungarians at Lechfeld putting an end to 100 years of their raids. He is widely proclaimed as the saviour of christendom.



Harald II Horda (The Kalmar Union)

Harald II Greycloak, King of Hordaland (961-970)

West Scandinavia - At the battle of Fitjar Haakon I is defeated and killed by Eirik's sons. The eldest brother Harald II Greycloak is (eventually) proclaimed king of Hordaland. The brothers submit to their uncle, Harald Bluetooth's overlordship.


West Scandinavia - Harald II defeats and kills Tryggve briefly reuniting Southern Norway.



West Scandinavia - Tricked into going to Denmark, Harald II is killed. Harald Bluetooth takes Viken and with it the title of king of Norway. The Earl of Lade, Haakon II Sigurdsson, is given control of Hordaland.

Eric V Svea (The Kalmar Union)

Eric V, King of Svealand (c.970-995)

East Scandinavia - The newly crowned Eric V of Svealand fails in his attempt to unite Svealand and Gothenland into a single entity in the face of Danish and Vikene hostility.


West Scandinavia - A failed attempt to free Denmark from German influence frees Haakon II from his obligations to the Danish kings.


Greenland - Snæbjörn Galti visits Greenland following earlier tales of a land West of Iceland.



Greenland - Eric the Red founds Greenland's first colony at Brattahild after being expelled from Iceland following a violent argument. News of the new colony drives many land-hungry families to Greenland. All arable land in Iceland has been claimed and it is in danger of no longer being able to support its population. Babies are being left exposed to die.


Leifia - While lost on the trip from Hordaland to Greenland Bjarni Herjolfsson spots another 'island' to the West.



Olaf II Viken (The Kalmar Union)

Olaf II, King of Viken (995-1000)

West Scandinavia - Tryggve's son Olaf returns to Viken defeating the Danish army.

Christianity is imposed upon Viken by Olaf II.

Eirik Haakonarson is given control of Lade.

Olof I Svea (The Kalmar Union)

Olof I Skotkonung, King of Svealand (995-1022)

Svealand - Eric V of Svealand dies.

Olof I Skotkonung succeeds him.

Disputes with Sweyn Forkbeard are resolved when Sweyn marries his mother.

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