Alternative History

In OTL the leader of the Nazi Party - Adolf Hitler rose to become the leader of the Weimar Republic, which he soon changed into a Nazi Germany in which anti-semitism, xenophobia, homophobia and other such ignorant beliefs were huge. He led Germany on a war path that eventually failed and led to the military occupation of Germany by the 'Allies' of World War Two.

But - What if in 1923 during the Beer Hall Putsch Hitler had been killed accidentally by a policeman? A new leader (to be named rose through the ranks of the Nazi Party and led the party (and later Germany) along the path that it followed as in OTL. But it all changed in May of the year 1940.

In this Timeline I will give an overview of how the world could be different if it were for a simple rogue policeman and an old man who wanted to be noticed just a little more.

General Overview
Nazi Germany