India is the world's largest democracy,with more than 1 billion people.

M.S Golwalkar,first Sarchangsalak (supreme leader) of Akhand Bharat

But in my timeline,there is no real 'India',or no real Secular Democratic India at least.

Instead,our Indian subcontinent is made up of many states.

These were-

Akhand Bharat-An authoritarian dictatorship established during a coup by right-wing nationalists.It composes of much of the Ganga valley.

Bengal-The People's Republic of Bengal was established by Subhash Chandra Bose,a far-left socialist leader,and his Bengali People's Army

Punjab-A socialist state established by Bhagat Singh after he rebelled against the British in 1921 and escaped to the USSR

Periyar .E.V. Ramasamy,first Prime Minister of Dravida Nadu

Dravida Nadu or the Dravidian Federation-A federation of nations in the south,created by pan-Dravidianists and caste reformers

Jammu and Kashmir-A monarchy in the extreme north.It has ambitions to become the 'Switzerland of Asia'

Pakistan-An Islamic Emirate,formed by poet Mohammed 'Allama' Iqbal,and politician Mohammed Ali Jinnah

Throughout the years these nations would evolve and change.

For now,that's all they are!

Sheikh Abdullah,first democratically elected leader of Jammu and Kashmir,known for his modernization of the Royal Kashmiri Armed Forces

'Netaji' Subhas Chandra Bose,first Premier of Bengal


Shaheed Bhagat Singh,first and only Premier of Punjab

Mohammed Iqbal,first emir of Pakistan from 1934 to 1938

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