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Our Timeline Alternate Timeline
United Nations is stable whilst League of Nations collapse League of Nations is stable and United Nations is never created.
In 1919, the Wiemar Republic (a socialist nation) is created In 1919, Republic of Germany (a capitalist nation) is created
The Bolsheviks win the Russian Civil War The White Russians won the Russian Civil War


1919: The Great War ends.

1919: The Republic of Germany is created.

1925: White Russians win the Russian Civil War re-establishing the Russian Empire and putting the Grand Duke Nicholas of Russia as Tsar Nicholas III and his wife as Tsarina Anastasia.

1929: Great Depression starts in America.

1930: Adolf Hitler becomes the representative of the Nazi Party.

March 1931: Tsar Nicholas III dies of natural causes. Tsarina Anastasia takes over.

1934: The Nazi Party becomes a popular party in Germany.

1935: The British General Election takes place. Stanley Baldwin is elected.

1936: Adolf Hitler is elected as the Chancellor of Germany.

1937: Spanish Civil War ends with a complete Nationalist victory after full Nazi backing.

1940: Fritz Julius Kuhn becomes President of the United States becoming the First Nazi President.

1942: The LoN becomes worried about the spread of Nazism and Fascism.

1944: Fritz Julius Kuhn is elected once again.

1945: American Government forces President Kuhn to step down. Later that year, a protest occurs at Washington D.C. Violence and anarchy ensues.

1946: LoN attempts to stop the anarchy, however, the revolutionaries seem to be getting to military support. The Second American Civil War officially begins.

1948: The funding for the Nazi revolutionaries gets traced back to Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini. In response, Adolf Hitler becomes the Führer of Germany and turns the Republic of Germany into the Nazi Germany. German people celebrate.

1950: The Revolutionary Nazis win the Civil War. The United States of America becomes The Nazi States of America. Fritz Julius Kuhn is placed as Führer of America. He dies later that year and his son Waltraut Kuhn takes over. His brother, Walter Kuhn, is placed as Chancellor.

1952: Tsar Nicholas IIII (son of Tsar Nicholas III and Tsarina Anastasia) is shot in Moscow by a Nazi. Nazis take control of Russia. It becomes the National Socialist Russian Empire (NSRE).

1952: World War II officially begins when the LoN declares war on the Fascist Alliance.

1954: Project Berlin, a project to create nuclear weapons, is started in Berlin.

1955: American Führer Waltraut Kuhn dies when he drinks a poisoned beverage. His brother, previous Chancellor Walter Kuhn, is placed as American Führer. It's suspected that he was the man who poisoned his brother's beverage to gain the title of Führer.

1956: America starts collapsing due to economic and political issues.

1957: Nazi States of America collapses. The Union disbands into many smaller nations.

1959: A spy infiltrates the safe house of Project Berlin. He sabotages and detonates the prototype nuclear weapon, wiping out all of Berlin. Adolf Hitler was killed in the blast. Nazi Germany surrenders shortly afterwards.

1959: The remains of the Fascist Alliance surrender, marking the end of World War II. NSRE disbands into three smaller nations; Muscovy, Siberia and Novosibirsk. The Nuclear Race begins as the world powers takes the nuclear technology of former-Nazi Germany.

1960: Muscovy, Siberia and Novosibirsk create the Russian Bloc.

The World in 2016[]

The modern-day world is a world trying to keep the peace. A League of Nations, made up of most of the world's countries, attempts to mediate disputes. The League of Nations Security Council is made up of Castile, the UK, Japan, the Netherlands, and recent additions Korea and Columbia. Other prominent nations include Catalonia, Argentina, Sweden, and Prussia. These are all nuclear powers. In addition, some countries are suspected of having or developing nuclear weapons. These are generally condemned by the League of Nations. Muscovy, Mesopotamia, and Mexico are among these. Big trouble spots include North America, Africa and Russia.