• When returning to their dorm to grab a lost computer, Theo Bell, Rob Grandon, Tim Pasco, Dorothy Griffin, and Cheyenne Space are transported to 1860 along with their school campus.


  • After a few weeks of getting their bearings, the five students confirm where and when they are by a local newspaper in Tucson, New Mexico Territory.
  • Theo, being the history buff of the group, decides that, in order to prevent the failures of reconstruction and the bloody history of the war, they must use their school's resources to build a series of modern weapons to give an overwhelming advantage to the Union, and advanced farming equipment to discourage support for the Confederacy by making slavery unnecessary.


  • February: Theo travels by train to Washington to meet with President Lincoln with news of an advanced new weapon that would ease the pacification of the rebellion in the South. He meets the President and reveals to him an automatic rifle, (similar to the Sten Gun). He demonstrates it with Colonels Lee and Sherman observing. They are all profoundly impressed with the weapon, and Theo promises that he can make enough to supply the Army of the Potomac, given the proper funding. President Lincoln immediately signs appropriations to Theo for weapons manufacturing.
  • March: Rob unveils the first practical motorized farming combine.
  • April: In a slim majority, Virginia elects to stay in the Union. This is partly for fear of the Army of the Potomac's fearsome new weapons, and at the prospect of many large plantations planning to buy the new combines, manufactured in the North.
  • May: Robert E. Lee takes command of the Union Army at the rank of Major General.
  • Dorothy develops nitroglycerin, which will later help Lee's heart problem.


  • The Army of the Potomac is now supplied with M-1 Assault rifles and a few simple automobiles. General Lee leads his army into South Carolina where they retake the state capitol with little difficulty.
  • General "Stonewall" Jackson defeats the last rebels in Tennessee.
  • The USS Monitor is completed,;it resembles a WWI ship more than OTL's Ironclads.
  • Congress votes to abolish slavery, effective in 1870.


  • The Army of the Potomac continues to march deeper into the South, taking North Carolina and South Carolina with little difficulty.
  • Theo begins outfitting General Grant's army with M-1s.
  • Dorothy reveals penicillin to the world. Deaths by infection in the Union Army nearly vanish.


  • April: The Battle of Montgomery begins.
  • May: After a month of fighting, General Lee marches into the Capitol of the Confederacy and accepts the surrender of President Jefferson Davis. The American Civil War ends with a resounding defeat of the Rebel states, with minimal loss of life on the Union side.
  • President Lincoln gives the Montgomery Address. It is very similar to OTL's Gettysburg Address.
  • John Wilkes Booth is killed in his sleep by an unknown assassin.


  • President Lincoln signs the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments to the US constitution. Aided by Theo, he is now one of the President's closer advisers. Their are no significant differences in the Amendments. Lincoln issues an immediate pardon to all former Confederate soldiers and government officials.
  • Robert E. Lee resigns from the Army. His resignation contains a statement that, "I can now retire happy in the knowledge that I have had a part in the saving of my country. I hope to live out the rest of my days in a trade of peace."
  • October: General Stonewall Jackson dies suddenly of pneumonia.
  • Robert E. Lee announces that he intends to run for governor of Virginia.


  • President Lincoln signs new appropriations to the Reconstruction Act, providing economic aid to rebuild the southern economy, and provide a standard gauge for railway lines between the north and the south.
  • Cheyena and Theo Bell test the first airplane, the Eagle.
  • Robert E. Lee is elected Governor of Virginia.


  • Alaska is bought from Russia like OTL.
  • Another war with Mexico takes place after Emperor Maximilian tries to invade the United States. The northern part of Mexico is annexed.


  • President Lincoln leaves office as one of the greatest Presidents ever to serve  in office. He is succeeded by Robert E. Lee and his Vice President Ulysses Grant, who guide America in a steady and conservative manner.
  • Lincoln's wish of reconstruction being complete is finally fulfilled. Segregation is also prevented.
  • Other Latin American countries begin to modernize.


  • Tensions with Britain also increase as the Trent Affair was ignored. America appears to be on the brink of another war.
  • After a British gunboat hits a US naval fort, the North American War begins with the British Empire on one side, and the Americans on the other side.
  • US forces, now completely outfitted with M1 rifles and supported by blimps and tanks (OTL Mark V), smash the British at the Battle of Montreal.


  • The Treaty of Ottawa forces the British to cede all of Canada.


  • Greenland is purchased by the United States of America.


  • Guatemalan General Justo Rufino Barrios' forces, supported by American forces led by Captain Bell, unites the former states of the Federal Republic of Central America by force after the Battle of Chalchuapa. After this event, new countries are formed, liked Gran Colombia and the Bolivian Confederation.


  • The Spanish-American War begins with USS Maine sunk by a Spanish torpedo. The USA takes Philippines and Puerto Rico, but leaves Cuba independent.
  • Hawaii is annexed.
  • Tim and Nikola Tesla begin work on the first transistorized computer.
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