As the Nazi party never took hold in Germany, the Allied powers never occupy the country, or prevent the Soviet Union from invading Europe, setting off a chain reaction...


After a new arch chancellor, Wilhelm Seinfried, is elected, Germany gains a new state, abiding by the Treaty of Versailles and maintaining its economy. The new government recognizes the Soviet Union as an obvious threat, but the United States refuses to believe that the USSR could possibly harm them. Great Britain, however, understands the importance of communism and tries to find ways to aid Germany and build defenses for the inevitable. The Soviet Union denies any accusations about them trying to take Europe.


As new president, Harry Truman, begins his term, the USSR takes Europe by storm, in a Blitzkrieg sweeping the undefended continent. Arch chancellor Seinfried gives Germany to the CCCP without bloodshed. The UK quickly arms itself and pleads that the United States enter the upcoming war, with their scientists developing nuclear weapons, to stop communism. The United States declines, already fighting communism in Asia. Great Britain is the only country left in Europe independent from the Soviet Union.


Great Britain begs its ally to save them from the constant bombings Russia attacks them with, and finally arrives to stop Russian forces crossing the English Channel in a large naval battle. However, bombings continue, and Britain is forced to surrender, renaming the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics the "European Soviet Socialist Union."


The USSE takes Asia in its fiery rage, with Japan defending itself from all sides. South America is divided, and begins a continental war with communism sending supplies to its supporters. A large movement was started in 1976 to show the United States government that communism with attack them as well. The U.S. sends a taken force to Japan, to have it crushed by enemy forces. With the advent of nuclear weapons, America never wanted to see it in use, but now they prepare missiles to attack Moscow at once.


Moscow is decimated, but Gorbachev was touring his prized landmass, and was not harmed. He moves the capital to Berlin, angering the citizens, and causes a revolt that is annihilated by USSE forces. The United States motions for a hopeless UN action that could stop the USSE, which now makes a final decision to rename itself the Soviet Global Union. Africa and America are now the new prizes in this game of conquest.


The SGU decimates the Middle East, and pushes straight through Africa, committing numerous atrocities as they plow through the continent. The United States begins a draft to protect its borders.

The SGU takes the action to South America, where a barrage of artillery and guerrilla fighters waited. They were ambushed, and were forced to a new landing point. The United States was able to send its full military to defend it, but they weren't prepared for the new type of tank the Soviet forces unleashed: the K4 Decimator, as translated in English. Filled to the brim with ammunition, yet heavily protected by armor, it ran through the Americans, causing the United Sttes to retreat. The SGU went up through Mexico and invaded Texas, where the U.S. military dropped a nuclear strike on the bulk of the Soviet army. Bill Clinton notifies the public that they are safe— for the moment.

The Present Day

The war continues, as the United States threatens nuclear fallout. Many people in rural areas are dying and are advised to leave the area, as the military tests all kinds of new weapons. Al-Qaeda assists the United States, claiming that they want freedom from the SGU. Their motives after the war are unknown. Perhaps soon this war 86-year-old war will end.

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