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This timeline explores world history after two Doomsdays - October 15th, 1963.

A worldwide nuclear exchange caused by a minor incident obliterates much of human civilization. This ATL covers everything from the direct aftermath up to the present worldwide situation.

This is also a collaborative timeline, produced by a team of contributors. If you want to join us in developing this world, we welcome your additions.


Chad Roberts II


The Point of Divergence of the 1963: Doomsday timeline is October 15th, 1963, on which a seemingly unintentional finding to send an ambitious Minister of Defence of the USSR to find spies in Kremlin, has very major global implications.

This decision leads to a different outcome of a well-known, though often underestimated, event that took place on October 14th-16th, 1963.

That Soviet Union President Khrushchev to send some missiles into Cuba to defend the citizens of new communist installed Cuba from American/West imperial "Tyranny".

In our timeline, Minister of Defence Rodion Y. Malinovsky, caught a couple of American spies in the Kremlin and inside the Soviet capital. He demanded the KGB to find the spies and make him arrest into one of Gulags (A Soviet Labor Camp). It's take for few

Consequently, since in our timeline the world now knows about this event, it is now often considered to have been the moment closest to a nuclear war between the USSR and the USA during the Cold War. John F. Kennedy has been honored as one of the few true "world saviors," and several investigations have proven the seriousness of this event.

This timeline postulates the results after Kennedy got H5N1 flu with not appearing the secreted negotiation, And because the talks delayed with give him some time to be better, KGB leader pretended claiming that Kennedy is likely dying from flu since he got for four days. Khrushchev quickly rethinking is better to cancelled the talks and secretly declared war on United States and NATO.

The results of this total nuclear exchange are close to the forecasts of almost complete worldwide destruction and the "nuclear holocaust" as predicted by many scientists of this time. This results in as many as a three billion people killed initially, and another billion in the subsequent environmental disaster that followed shortly thereafter.

With the world largely devastated, and most of the Northern and parts of the Southern Hemisphere in ruins, the estimated 850 million to 900 million survivors in these areas desperately try to keep together what is left of human society. They are facing challenges that are seemingly heavily impossible.

After an incredibly horrifying first few years post-Doomsday, a few regions, territories, and countries stabilize and master basic problems such as food and medical supplies. As time passes and the recovery continues, new (sometimes surprising) alliances are formed. A new, fragile world order emerges from the ashes. Initial hopes of some survivors for a united mankind (or at least warfare and destruction being ended forever) quickly prove false. Indeed, the world is light-years away from any Utopian imaginations. Famine, disease, and lack of resources provoke conflicts and wars in large parts of the world, thus devastating all the carefully achieved recovery.

As some surviving and newly formed nations (particularly Post-Commonwealth nations of Republic of Australia, The Chiefdom of New Zealand, And reborn nations of Second Brazilian 'Kingdom' and Second Texas Republic) prove able to master the problems and even intervene internationally, mankind's extinction finally seems to have been avoided so far.

Now, 64 years after the devastating "Doomsday" brought mankind to the edge of total extinction, a few to several moving moments have spread the hope for a more peaceful future for mankind, such as the foundation of the new "United World Nations" on July 3, 2012 by United Kingdoms of North America, And recent creation of "American Unions" on November 4, 2014 also by United Kingdoms of North America, Neo-Confederate Tribes, Orthodox Protestant Republic of Carolina, Second Texas Republic and South Mexican Empire.

Nonetheless, new dangers to this fragile world have emerged all around the globe, threatening much of what has been achieved within the last 64 years from prevent an other world war of 1975 as remains of Soviet Union almost rebuilding it's self along Poland and mostly untouched East Germany invaded ruins of West Germany in 1974 to surviving an bio-weapon outbreak that wipe out 36% to 40% of human population in 1999 leaving two of ten nations in Western Hemisphere damaged to wiped out the nations who have infected with bio-weapon while others survived by Martial Law until for one year by one of few famous kingdoms of post-doomsday world - Kingdom of Ohio (One of predecessors to United Kingdoms of North America in 1998)...

Small rise of Mutants

And over the years since 1963, Very few humans and other animals biologically and genetically evolved from majority Bio-augmentation (usually Biotech companies, Transhuman owners and even Parahuman wannabes), once Bio-terrorism from aforementioned 1999 outbreak and mildly actually from literal Radiation put most sometime can killed mutants from it put rare chance of immunity or resistance from Radiation.

Principal Content (Work in Progress)

  • Timeline - The general timeline of this ATL, providing the background and the timeline from 1963 up to the present day" (60% - Work in Progress)
  • World Country Profiles - Profiles of described nations, territories and other self-governing bodies (Work in Progress)
  • Military Knowledge Database - Everything covering military technologies, ships, national armies, etc. also military history!! (Work in Progress)
  • Science & Technology - Section covering technological progress, developments and difficulties (Work in Progress)
  • Geopolitics - Geopolitical background, Alliances, Corporations, Rivalries (Work in Progress)
  • Economics - Background regarding economical topics (Work in Progress)
  • Nuclear Weapons - Post Doomsday's major problem of nuclear weapons still operating, out of control, terrorism etc. (Work in Progress)
  • Non-governmental organizations - A list of NGOs of the post-Doomsday world. (Work in Progress)
  • Religion - Page covering the faiths and religions in post-Doomsday world. (85% - Work in Progress)
  • Wars - Historical conflicts and current conflicts creating before or after Doomsday world. (Work in Progress)
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