Alternative History

Note: The pages I'm creating for this TL are only notes, I just wish to have them down on here for me to convert into actual pages later.

Major PODs[]

  • Anti-Waste League never disbands in 1921.
  • National Party doesn't disband in 1921.
  • AWL and NP merge to form British National League.
  • Oswald Mosley (as in OTL) creates the British Union of Fascists, but soon merges it with BNL to form British Imperial Party.
  • BIP is much less anti-semitic, but it's xenophobia and protectionist views make it relatively popular in some places.

Minor PODs[]

  • Oswald Mosley has various arguments with William Joyce over Ireland, never takes on Joyce's anti-semitic views.
  • Oswald Mosley doesn't become the notorious woman-iser her was in OTL (stays faithful to his first wife.)
  • Lady Cynthia Mosley doesn't die as in OTL.
  • Richard Applin wins the 1921 by-election in Westminster Abbey for the AWL.
  • Dr. Robert Forgan manages to court an influential Jew to join the BIP, Harry Nathan.