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Although there are several Points of Divergence, the major one in A Southron World is during the U.S. Civil War, the Union army is unable to gain control of the Mississippi River, and thus, never was able to gain a foothold in the West, which opened the door for the Confederates to invade the North in both Pennsylvania and Illinois. It is these major victories in the North that led to European support and recognition of the Confederate States, which, in turn, allowed them to win the War of Southron Independence.

Up until the French-British War, the Confederacy lives in relative peace, where it struggles through the process of nation building, border control, and keeping up relations with neighbouring nations. Meanwhile, during the 1890s, The Spanish-American War is fought between the USA and the Kingdom of Spain, these two wars almost collide into one when Confederate forces, fighting with Britain, accidentally invaded the Spanish mainland while they tried to pursue an elusive French army. Spain, thinking this was an invasion, quickly offered the island of Cuba to the Confederates if they would not invade their country. The Confederates accepted and quickly set up the Confederate Territory of Cuba.

Following the British win in the French-British War, the Confederacy was able to gain several colonies in Africa, but it wasn't until 1901 that they had effective control over them. A slave-exporting business was set up, which ran until Slave Trading was outlawed in 1905. During these four years, the Confederate States received the highest amount of money in revenue out of the entire world.

With slave trading illegal, and all Confederate possessions gained after March 17th, 1865 free-territory, the Confederate Colonies in Africa became virtually useless. By 1911, all of the colonies were granted independence from the Confederate States. In 1914, a new war, called The Great War, began in Europe. This was fought by most major nations in the world, although the Confederate States and the German Empire both were able to remain neutral in the situation. By the end, the war was an Allied victory, with the Austro-Hungarian Empire coming to an end, and a great reduction of the Ottoman Empire. At the same time, the Russian Empire fell to a revolution. This led the major powers in the world to being the United States, the Confederate States, the British Empire, and the German Empire.

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