Alternative History

Welcome to A Thousand Russian Years[]

This althist is based on a long game that I played using Paradox's historical games - Crusader Kings, Europa Universalis, Victoria and Hearts of Iron.

Although the games strive toward historical plausibility, they allow certain situations to happen which would have been unlikely in real history. Likewise, when I find the game events completely implausible or narratively unsatisfying I will change them. This may lead to slightly differing versions of events in my AARs and on the wiki.

The Centuries Considered[]

Rus of the Varangians (862 - 1099)[]

The Barbarian Empire (1099 - 1278)[]

By Steppe and Sea (1278 - 1698)[]

The Mongol Years (1278 - 1393)[]

Towards the Rising Sun (1393 - 1550)[]

A Princess and Her Ancestors (1550 - 1698)[]

Inescapable Destiny (1698 - 1889)[]

A History of the Cossack Nation (1698 - 1788)[]

Waves of the Eastern Seas (1788 - 1836)[]

A Place at the Heart of the World (1836 - 1889)[]

Banners Red As Blood (1888 - 1990)[]

A Millennium's Metawiki[]