POD: The Russian fleet breaks through Admiral Togo's fleet of Battleships during the Russo-Japanese War. The Japanese fleet falls back only to be trapped in a large storm that tears apart most of the fleet. Stepan Makarov, who nearly died on the Battleship Petropavlovsk, aggressively chases the navy down until it entred Japanese territory; 2/3 of Togo's fleet has been destroyed and hundreds have died, including him. Fresh new equipment and troops so enter the battlefield quickly enough to engage in the Second Battle of Yalu (River); the result is a major Russian victory. The next month, Oyama Iwao negotiates the peace treaty with Zinovy Rozhestvensky on the Japanese battleship Mikasa, the result of the treaty would be that Japanese would pay large reparations to Russia and repay for damages done, it would also not interfere with the Joseon Dynasty (Korea) and Manchuria. This defeat would lead to Russia being more active in the affairs of Asia, a meager Japan, a united China, and of course, a Russian Korea

Points of Divergence

A list of POD's by date.


  • Alexander the Second, advised that the United States simply wanted Alaska as a base to diminish Russian influence in Asia, rejects the Alaska Purchase and keeps the territory; Gold is found weeks later and historians remember Alexander's very words "Selling Alaska means bloating the American bastard with Russian gold, Russian soil and Russian lives."


  • Vladimir Lenin is hanged with his brother after attempting to prevent his brother and sister from being arrested; he managed to go on a killing spree after grabbing a axe and killed at least six people, with one being a police officer (or whatever they where called back then)


  • Nicholas the Second's only son, Alexei Nikolaevich, never has Haemophilia during his birth. This prevents Grigori Rasputin from ever having any influence on the imperial family; this allows Alexi to take the throne after his fathers death.


  • Russia wins the Russo-Japanese War.
  • United States-Japanese relations worsen due to the results of the Russo-Japanese War and a variety of trading agreements are broken; America instead begins to improve its relationship with Russia, which provides the Russian Empire with a powerful ally.

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