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We must recognize the chief characteristic of the modern era — a permanent state of what I call violent peace.
-Abraham Lincoln
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For prior headlines, please refer to ______ Archive. For the broader timeline, please refer to the Timeline.


  • _____ Archive-Database of global headlines since the primary divergence until today.
  • Nations-Profiles of existing nations and self-governing states in the present.
  • Former Nations-Profiles of failed nations and self-governing states throughout this Timeline.'
  • Organizations-Profiles of entities comprising multiple people, such as institutions, associations, and corporations, that have collective goals and are linked to external environments.
  • Supranational Organizations-Profiles of the world's leading supranational unions and IGOs.
  • Science and Technology -Topics relating to breakthroughs and general development regarding science and technology.
  • Politics-Database of this Timeline's international relations, governmental systems, ideologies, and parties.
  • Economics-Database of financial topics relating to the Timeline.
  • Geography-Database for all OTL and ATL geographic terms and references in this Timeline.
  • Exploration-Topics relating to humanity's ever growing curiosity of 'what's out there.'
  • Culture-Topics relating to the development of world culture, subcultures, and counter cultures..
  • Education-Topics relating to the development of education, systems and alternative means of learning.
  • People-Profiles of the influential personas that influence, and are influenced by, this Timeline.
  • Conflict-Topics relating to conflict, violence, international disputes, and resolutions.


  • Infographics-Database of multimedia used to illustrate this Timeline. Principally maps, flags, images, art, and statistics.
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