Alternative History

On the way to the Kremlin for a meeting to elect a successor to Konstantin Chernenko on March 11th, 1985, Mikhail Gorbachev's driver suffers a heart attack, the car crashes into a wall and Gorbachev is killed. Therefore, he is not elected CPSU chairman, Perestroika and Glasnost do not occur and the Cold War continues until 2005.

Who's who in 2005?

The World in 2005


North America

  • Canada
  • Cuba
  • Mexico
  • USA


South America

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  • Argentina


  • Australia

Off Earth

  • International Lunar Station

The Course of History 1985-2005


March 11th: Mikhail Gorbachev dies on the way to a Politburo session in the Kremlin to elect a new leader of the CPSU; Grigory Romanov is elected as Secretary General


February 12th: On the CPSU Party Congress, Romanov tells the delegates that the USSR will not move back in Afghanistan and that NATO in Europe is a weak, disunified entity and no longer a threat; soon after he orders troops worth five divisions withdrawn from East Germany to relocate into Afghanistan and Central Asia.

March 12th: Following a massive campaigning from both the extreme right and left (those secretly supported by the Soviets), Spanish voters decide for leaving NATO only a few months after joining.


March 5th: Romanov visits Beijing in an effort to rekindle cooling Soviet-Chinese relations. However, only a week after his visit, China, North Korea and Vietnam form the Asian Defence League.

August 12th: Given China's increasing anti-Soviet stance, the United States begins to back China economically and militarily.

December 27th: Iraq and Iran join the Asian Defense League followed only a few days later by Syria and Saudi Arabia.


February 2nd: Iraq, with the backing of the Asian Defense League invades Kuwait and conquers the country in less than five hours. Both the Soviet Union and United States of America condemn the action and threaten Iraq with war unless Iraq withdraws by January 1st, 1991.


January 1st: China promises to back Iraq if it is attacked by the United States or the Soviet Union. This followed by backing from the other members of the Asian Defense League. The Soviet Union and NATO declare war on Iraq and the Asian Defense League. Start of the Dominion War .


The War of Dominion escalates in the Middle East and elsewhere.