Alternative History


  • The main POD has something to do with the Wars of the Roses and/or the Hundred Years' War
  • The second POD is later on down the line in Russia.
  • The third POD is about Scandinavia.
  • The fourth POD is related to the Ottoman Empire.

Truly this is A World of Difference.

A World of Difference World Political Map.png

The World Political Map as of May 2014

World Political Map with Nations Overlaid on Their Flags (A World of Difference).png

The Nations of the World with the flags

Current Events

  • The Cold War: The Cold War is currently ongoing between France, Russia, America, and Japan. France leads the Continental Alliance, Eurasia the Pact of Petrograd, America the Concert of Democracies, and Japan the Great East Asian Prosperity Sphere. France and Japan grow weaker, while Eurasia suffers internal tension. America grows stronger ahead of its three competitors.
  • Space Race: In this particular field America and Russia are practically one in everything they do. After the French launched the first satellite (l'Empereur I) in 1954, Eurasia and America struggled to catch up. America got the first man in space in 1957 (Albert Kerry) and Russia put the first man in orbit in 1958 (Ivan Syralatov). By then the Space Race had gained enough momentum to keep going, even to present day. After a series of French firsts, the Russians and Americans joined together during the Presidencies of John F. Kennedy and Yuri Andropov in America and Russia respectively.

World Wars

  • A World of Difference WWI Start.png
    World War I: World War I is a parallel to OTL's Seven Years' War. The side of the French camp, called the Grand Alliance, defeated the British side, known as the European Coalition. Russia and Austria took parts of Prussia. Spain also created a new Viceroyalty from seized Portuguese territory. Parts of British North America also went to France.
  • A World of Difference WWII Start.png
    World War II: The parallel to the Napoleonic Wars. France, Russia, Spain, America, and Denmark defeat Great Britain, Austria, Prussia, Sweden and their allies. The UK is dismantled into four nations, England, and its protectorate Wales, Scotland, and Ireland. The Royal Family fled to Hanover where they continued to lay claim to the English throne.
  • A World of Difference WWIII Start.png
    World War III: The Third World War has no parallel, save for the fact that part of it occurred around the same time as OTL's Franco-Prussian War. France, Russia, America, the Ottomans, and other nations fought England, Wales, Austria, newly formed Romania and Greece, Mexico, Brazil and Argentina. The Argentine Revolution of 1872 placed a new, pro-Prussian government in place of the old pro-Franco-Spanish one. The former British monarchy had returned to England following a coup in 1862 later known as the Glorious Return. The Balkan Rebellions resulted in independence for Greece, and weakened the political power of the Ottoman Empire in the Balkans.
  • A World of Difference WWIV Start.png
    World War IV: World War I parallel. Commandeered by France, America, Russia, the Entente go against England, Germany, Austria, and others and their allies who form the Central Powers.
  • A World of Difference WWV Start.png
    World War V: World War II parallel. We have FDR for America, Louis II in France, Constantine in Russia, and a whole load of others vs. King Edward VIII for Britain, Franz Joseph III in Austria and Ludwig Ferdinand and Hitler in Germany. We also had Mexico with the Axis, Japan and China with the allies, Patagonia, Colombia, and Peru with the Allies, and Brazil and Argentina with the Axis. America developed the first nuke and tested it in 1946. France followed suit two months later and Russia three days after France. France dropped a bomb in Germany, Russia one in Uyghuristan, and America one in Mexique.
  • World War VI: There has been no Sixth World War to date, although many have attempted to label the Cold War as such.


  • The current world population is near eight billion.
  • There are currently 43 sovereign nations on the Earth.
  • The current off-world (non-permanent) population is 89.
  • The largest economy in the world currently belongs to the United States.
  • The largest army in the world currently belongs to Eurasia.
  • The largest navy in the world currently belongs to the United States.
  • The largest air force in the world currently belongs to the United States.
  • The country with the largest population is India.
  • The smallest country in the world is Oceania.
  • The largest country in the world is Russia.
  • The most commonplace form of government in the world is constitutional monarchism.