A World of Ice and Catholics, what happens when the wheel of fortune and destiny shines brightly on another group of people. These group of people in one time being either second rate, or completely irrelevant in another time. Today we are in a world completely different from our very own. The ones who rule this world may be similar to the ones we know in our time, but in this world they are kings. In Europe in the heart of the country rules the mighty nation of Poland-Lithuania. For the past 400 years have been a dominant force on Earth, but they have had their ups and downs, but for longer they have been riding the highs as the "Emperor" of Europe. Across the high waves of the Atlantic in the cold northern and wetter region of North America is the young and powerful nation of Canada. Born of the flames of revolution and their ideals of "taming the wilds and manifest destiny" These two nations have risen to the top and the world and now the focal points and most influential countries to grace the green Earth. How have they got there? Who else exists in this world? I dunno.

The Perpetual Cold War

Canada vs Poland.png
Flag of Canada for DD.svg Federal Republic of Kanata (Russia) Flag of the Grand Duchy of Poland.png Polish-Lithuanian Empire
Political Strong republican state. Permanent seat on the CN Guard Council, and co-founder of the DISNL (Democratic Independent Sovereign Nations League) as part of the Elliot Bay Accords. Strong ties to North and South America, East Asia, and Southern Africa. With nations like Lan Xang and Azania. Strong monarchial empire. Permanent seat on the CN Guard Council, founder of the UCSC (United Christian States Coalition). Strong ties in Europe, Central Asia, and Northern Africa. With nations like the Second Frankish Empire and Scythian Christian Kingdom
Geographic Largest nation in the world. Largest nation in Europe.
Cultural Wields influence by promoting left-wing countries. Very influential in music, TV, films, art, and fashion through. Freedom of speech and other guaranteed rights for citizens, including freedom of the press. Patriotic. Wielded influence through right-wing dictatorships and organizations around the world. Rich cultural heritage based around classical music, ballet, literature, theater, and modernizing 'old world ideals.' Nationalistic.
Military Navy based military, with the world's most advanced, well equipped, and largest navies in the world. In support with the largest and most advanced air force. A decent sized military with excellent technology. Bases in many locations across the Americas, East Asia, and South Africa. Alliances with nations in those regions. Large armament of counter nuclear warheads. Great intelligence agency of the KIU (Kanatian Investigations Union). The most well equipped and trained land armies in the entire world. Along with the second largest air force in the world. Largest stockpile of nuclear arsenals in the entire world. Allied to European, Asian, and African nations. Has large amount of poll with very Christian states. Ties with Crusade and Templar groups across the globe. Large network with the SRPLB (Security Network for Polish and Lithuanian Security).
Economic Largest economy in the world. Large resources of minerals, energy resources, metals, and timber, large and modernized farming industry and large industrial base. Homes to many large global corporations. Kanatian Dollar Dominates the market. Second largest economy in the world. Access to many natural resources. Individuality culture allows for people to take opportunities in various businesses. Nationalistic culture also makes the people work for the betterment of others and their country.
Demographic Total population estimated at around 187,000,000 people. Total population estimated at around 119,200,000 people.
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