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The Abolitionists, also known as the Anti-Manifests were a faction in the United States Congress before the Second America's War, and were bitter enemies to the Manifests. Many of the members of the Abolitionists were from the newly formed Liberty Party of the United States, and from the Northern states. They, for the most part, opposed the belief in Manifest Destiny, as, indirectly, it would lead to the creation of new slave states. They were constantly trumped in Congress by the Manifests until 1854.

The Succession Crisis gave the Abolitionists the overwhelming superiority in Congress, but only because those members of the Manifests, the majority from the South, had left to help found the Confederate States of America. The Second Americas War ended the Abolitionists in Congress.

Similarities to the Manifests[]

Although some of the Abolitionists were strongly against the idea of Manifest Destiny, the majority still believed in the idea, but did not wish to see Slavery expanded into newer states. The majority of the battles in Congress were not over the establishment of new states, but if the state in question should be free or slave.