Around CE 330, the Anangu Aborigines of Australia decided to explore the seas around them. Soon, they discovered that they were not the only people living in this world, in fact, they are merely a small proportion of the whole global population.

The Datvia Wars

The Anagu explorers, led by Bouddi, and the Palawah explorers, led by Daku both found the Islands of Datvia (later renamed Indonesia). The conflict became a battle in CE 412, which lasted to CE 492. With only spears and shields, the war did not progress until Miro the Metalman of Palawah came along and created the catapult, ground hurlers (shoots spears and darts at the enemies shoes) and the burning arrows. The Anagu were forced out of Datvia, and continued north to the land of Siam, Hindi and Tang.

Anagu colonisation of Darth and Verggi

In CE 653, the Chinese Tang offered great amount of treasure and silk for the Anagu people to help them fight the Siam and Hindi tribes that were constantly harassing the borders of China. Because the Anagu has great tactics, Siam and Hindi were quickly colonised and became Provice of Darth and Province of Verggi.

Palawah colonisation of The Big Sea and Nicorago

Meanwhile the Palawah ventured into The Big Sea with thousands of little islands. When European explorers arrived more than a thousand years later, they called it the Pacific, or the Calm Sea. An explorer, Nicorago, decided that The Big Sea was not big enough for farming and hunting, so his ship Facha (came from the Tang language of the north) set out for the large piece of land, later rediscovered by Amerigo and Columbus. The Natives in the new land were welcoming but did not want to join the Palawah empire. This led to the 2-Day War in CE 711 when the natives decided to give up because the Palawah soldiers were better armed and stronger. The new land was later named Nicorago after his death in CE 712.

Trade between East and West

As the Provices of Anagu and the Palawah Empire grew bigger and bigger, they conquered all the other tribe and split the left part of Homeland to Anagu and the right part to Palawah. The Anagu kept close contact with China, now split into smaller countries. At the same time, Palawah grew strange plants and kept strange animals in the Big Sea and Nicorago. Eventually, they wanted some of each others goods and decided to not attack each other and started to trade. Soon advanced Science and Technology develops occured, including the Discovery of Cells, Molecules and Atoms. Soon, they had the most advanced technology in the world and they will  continue on to discover Radioactivity and Sub-atomic structures. These became crucial during World War I.

European development

When Spanish, Dutch and English people arrived at Nicorago, they were shocked that they did not find the Spice Lands of Verggi, instead, they found Nicorago, and feared that they did not reach the Spice Lands. Rich Barons and Kings of Europe began to try and conquere Nicorago, but were fought of by the exotic weapons of the Palawahs. Some of the soldiers managed to find dropped weapons and were taken back to Europe for investigation. They did not manage to replicate it, but instead they started to develop rapidly in Science and Technology.

World War I

As technology developed, the English and Spanish tried a second attempt to invade Nicorago in the 19th century. This time, the Palawahs were hopelessly outnumbered and retreated to the West Coast of Nicorago. When the Palawahs called to the Anagu for help. The Anagu went from Constantinople, the largest border city of Anagu, to Venetia and later Spain. While the Palawahs were being conquered in the East, Anagu successfully captured the Madriad and Hastings in the West. Soon, the Europeans were forced to retreat and World War I ended with no significant changes in the world.

World War II

Fascist countries, Italy and Germany, rose out of the crumbles of their countries that have been attacked by the Provinces of Anagu, or POA. For revenge on the Aborigines, they sent all Aborigines in the countries on airplanes to the Arctic for them to freeze to death. Spain and England also joined the United Fascists, or simply, the UF. Scotland, United Kingdoms of Scandinavia (established after World War I, UKS), Republic of China, POA and Palawah Empire were on the other "team", the United Nations, UN. In 1919, war broke out between UF and UN, leading to mass massacres using neutron bombs and atomic bombs. At this time, African countries, formed United Africans, UA, to intefere with the war. Having just broke out of European Colonisation, they were weak but still manage to take down parts of Spain and Italy. In the end, the global population decreased by half and the UF, UN and UA signed a peace treaty.

Result of War

Lots of peace activities were held in all sorts of places and the rebuild of cities took a long time to change back to its original state. However, the UF countries are still Fascist, which might quarrel with the UN in anytime. In the meantime, Soviet Union became communist and stayed to be the only communist in the world.

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