Alternative History

World War Two is probably the favorite subject for alternate histories. Obvious PODs would be the 1944 assassination attempt on Hitler, or a World War One death of Hitler. I didn't choose either of these for the "See Paris and Die" timeline.

The war was fully developed by 1944 so Hitler's death at that point would lead to few changes. On the other hand, if Hitler died in WWI then there would be so many changes that it would be difficult to be too detailed in the alternate timeline. I chose a 1941 death because Germany was about at its zenith and some interesting things could be feasible.


Here is a diagram of the "flow" of the timeline. The flow leads from one major event to another. The thickness of the lines represent my guess of the probability of a given outcome. For example, the line leading to "War with USA" is very thin because I think this would be very unlikely if Hitler wasn't around. As you can see, I didn't always choose the fat line. Germany achieving the peace terms in "See Paris and Die" is not very probable, but is at least possible. It's OK for timelines to do some unlikely things; after all, some crazy stuff has happened in OTL.

It's been fun. I hope I did not offend.

- AirshipArmada

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